One Way V1

There Was Only Ever One Way Out

I held out as long as I could manage but one day recently I put on the first episode of The Walking Dead and have been thoroughly hooked on its dismal plot-line since. The mood of the show has sunk into my mind and, oddly enough, made me want to get out and go camping, get away from technology for a while. There is something strange in the way you are unable to get attached to any character because you can only assume anyone, no matter their significance, could be killed off from the plot at any given moment. I bring this up because when I posted these photos to YWO I had just finished an episode of The Walking Dead when I did my usual ‘first thing that pops into my mind’ way of titling images I was left with this ambiguous title that seemed fitting of the mood considering the lonely mood of these photos.

I shot them last week while I was out running a few errands and needed a photo for the day. I stopped by this abandoned rail road that I remembered was nearby for a few photos before the sun left the sky completely. I ended up with a nice series that I thought would make for good wallpaper pack, hope you guys enjoy them!

One Way v2

One Way V3

One Way V4

Object No. 8

Object No. 8

Heres an odd one. If my distant memory isn’t playing tricks on me, I got this Wienermobile whistle at a Ford Auto Museum long ago. I have no idea how old I may have been at the time, memories this distant tend to loose certain factual detail. For those who have no idea what they are looking at, this is a tiny promotional whistle which is the likeness of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, a vehicle that has seen a number of revisions over the years and still to this day gives out these whistles as far as I know. They even have a name, albeit an unfortunate one, Wienerwhistles. Interested in the history of these driving wieners, have a gander at the Wikipedia entry here.



East of the mountains North Carolina doesn’t see a lot of snow but from time to time things line up and we end up with a few inches on the ground. Last week saw the most snow we have had in ages and we took advantage of the weather and took a trip out to the lake to shoot around. Outside of one lone runner out on the trail we were the only ones who braved the slippery roads to head out. This lead to me having to dig the car out with a shovel after it got stuck spinning in place in an empty gravel lot near by but we managed to get back on the road eventually.

While YoungDoo had more luck than I did with her long lens I caught what I could and this shot seemed like it would make a nice desktop for those who aren’t totally sick of the snow or those down under where they may need a little cooling off in the heat of the summer. Either way, enjoy!

Object No. 7

Object No. 7

These two framed woodcuts appeared one day around my parents home and for one reason or another I asked if I could keep them them because I had never seen such a thing and this kind of kitschy art is fun to have around. In looking around for an object this week I came across these dramatically lit by the setting sun so I figured I would take advantage of the moment. Enjoy.

Shure 555

Shure 55

This was taken at the same church I was working in while I took the piano photos I shared recently. Stained glass gave everything in the room this beautiful shine. While we were checking stage inputs I noticed they were still using an old model Shure 555w mic that I immediately took a moment to pull over into the colorful light to shoot. The colors give iOS7 a nice purplish hue.

Seemed a fitting tribute to a classic microphone and I wanted to share it with all the audio geeks in the audience. Many people refer to this as the “Elvis mic” which is not entirely true, he used a number of different mics through different phases of his career, most notably various Electro-Voice mics, the 55 series mic just happened to hold such an iconic shape that is stuck along with his image over the years more so than others. I remember years back we had a corporate gig in Nashville where an Elvis impersonator was performing and he carried his own mic with him to more accurately replicate the look of the singer. If I remember correctly it was an EV RE-15, one rumored to be his personal favorite. OK, enough random Elvis microphone trivia. Enjoy the new desktop!

The Glow v1

The Glow

On Saturday I was greeted with a warm afternoon sunset on a particularly quiet afternoon and, naturally, I couldn’t pass up a couple of photo opportunities in the blueish twilight that followed. The colors feel exaggerated here yet my memory remembered the room having a beautiful deep blue tone late in the day. I was boiling some water for a pot of pour over coffee and as I took  the kettle from the stovetop I loved the way the orange glow so perfectly balanced the temperature of the light late in the day and because it was a nice, subtle glow the exposure was almost perfectly balanced leaving me with these beautifully simple photos. Perhaps a little unusual subject matter wise I thought it would be fun to offer them up as wallpapers. Enjoy!

The Glow v2

object 06

Object No. 6

This past friday I attempted my weekly object photo but somehow managed to pick the most difficult thing to shoot that I had around. A tiny plastic Buddha. Problem was that it is red, very red. The low contrast and the purity of the color wreaked havoc in the red channel of every photo I tried to take of it. So here we are, a couple days late with plan B.

Those of you following along for a while know that I have a thing for the Canon Canonet G-III QL17. It’s an old rangefinder with a beautiful fixed lens and anytime I am asked what my favorite camera is it’s a tossup between my Hasselblad 501CM and my Canonet. Only problem is that they are all getting a little old at this point seeing as they were manufactured in the 70s but there is no shortage of functioning copies out there for anyone curious. Many cleaned up and refurbished even.

The one photographed here is one of three that I own and has obviously seen better days. A few years back I started to take it apart to try and fix an issue I was having with the shutter but ended up giving up and stripping away most of its outer shell revealing the beautiful exposed machinery hiding inside. Seeing as most cameras on the market today are full of circuit boards and digital sensors I enjoy having this piece of well engineered history on the camera shelf.

When I hear photographers today say they know nothing of film or have no interest, it always makes me at least a little sad to hear but I know there is still a large group of us shooting away frame by precious frame whenever we can. Film has a soul that you can’t ignore once you have shot a few rolls, it’s an aesthetic and a way of life for many photographers. Even today as digital cameras have a life and personality all their own film holds a special place in the world of photography not only because it is the root of the craft but because there is still nothing else like it.

object 06 alt. 1&2

object no. 5

Object No. 5

While in India there was no shortage of locals suckering tourists into any manner of things. Food, clothing, restaurants, anything and everything, there was always someone willing to show me the best of the best in the area or whatever area I was heading toward.

One quiet afternoon near a lake we were greeted by a boy selling carved stone goods laid out on a blanket on the ground. We approached him like we approached any tout, with a fair degree of skepticism. I quickly noticed a stone off to the side of all his polished sellable product that was meant to show that he was the one that had made all of these intricate carvings but it was clearly just a hacked away at chunk of rock, not even closely resembling the same design of the things he was selling. I could only assume it was just a means to pull in the curiosity of those who may not notice that he was not in fact the artist.

While I often turned down such advances I decided on this day to buy the smallest little Ganesha he was selling which I then ended up carrying around with me for about year before keeping it in a drawer at home which is why it ended up getting so many scars. Still though, seeing it always reminds me of that warm afternoon by a lake in Udaipur so I like having it around.

variation #1


There are days I go without finding anything at all to shoot for YWO. I head in and out of the same spaces and venues day in and day out sometimes leaving little room for creativity or interesting subject matter. Ive gone digging around in closets, back rooms, rooftops, you name it. There are a lot of days I come up empty handed and end up stealing another shot of my laptop or a record spinning.

But sometimes there are days like yesterday where I am working in a new space and things line up well for new discoveries. This time I was at a new church retrofitting their aging sound system with something newer and its walls were covered in richly colored stained glass which left the room filled with beautiful colored light all day long. Toward the end of the day I noticed a shard of light made its way onto the strings of their grand piano on stage so I quickly ran to grab my X-Pro1 for a few quick shots of its unique glowing presence.

I took advantage of the rear LCD here and snuck the camera into the piano to frame these few shots and for those curious of such things, outside of the slightest bit of curve adjustment these are JPG’s straight out of the camera. I know for a fact there are a number of piano lovers out there and figured some colorful, abstract shots of a piano may be just what you never knew you needed on your devices background until this moment. Enjoy!

variation #2 variation #3

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