I have been digging through old photographs a lot lately and it has reminded me of one of my key motivators to pick up the camera every morning. To remember. There is not a day that passes where I don’t fear it will go forgotten completely if I don’t do at least one thing to remember it.

Too many days pass by well under the radar, may as well try and discover something worth remembering in each day. Give it some meaning, even in such a small way. The simple act of noticing something beautiful is often enough to leave me feeling satisfied.

Time is clear, distinct, but far from patient. Being able to cheat the system and look back on forgotten days is a self motivating pattern. A way to remind myself that every day offers something to look back on and be thankful for and in that, photography is an inspiration palindrome. Or something.

While poking around for a new wallpaper to share I came across this image shot in Korea earlier this year. We were walking to one of my favorite little coffee shops in Seoul, Coffee Kitchen, on a bitter winter afternoon and out of the blue one cross street had the bright, blinding sun setting down between buildings calling out for my cameras attention. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the last taste of sun that day back in January.



Swift and unperturbed, the wind took this day hostage and left a blanket of brown and green in its wake. The fall is creeping in, giving us a peak into the coming months of cool days and rest. The past couple of weeks of calm, grey weather is feeding my desire to create. It’s comforting to me, means its time to start getting cozy as the colder months blow in and I can’t wait.

I’m starting to notice the distant call of words, photography, calm music, and artistic expression off in the distance and thought it’s high time I made my way back to these pages to share with you guys. I look forward to digging into the fragments of work I have around from these past busy months and get the ball rolling around here again. Hey there October, good to see you. Lets see where this fall takes us.

Mums v1


Sunlight has been little more than a long lost memory around NC as of late. The dismal weather we have been having was refreshing in my book but I think I am in the minority there. Just before the rain rain YoungDoo bought this flowerpot full of mums to welcome the coming fall weather.

They proved to be a colorful reminder that not everything was all grey and murky through the storms and on lighter, hazy days, charming little drops of rain would collect among the flowering plant. I took advantage one day as I was leaving for work and snapped a few photos that I thought would make for nice wallpapers for anyone else who could use a subtle reminder on a cold gloomy day. Enjoy!

mums v2

Winding Down

Winding Down

Summer is fiftyfootshadows Achilles heel, often leaving my posting schedule moving along at a snails pace. My work as a live audio tech is always the most packed through the warmer months as I keep busy either out in the field or in the office handing advances for upcoming events. This has left little to no time for my creative mind to stretch out and share and explore with you guys here which always ends up bumming me out and to compound the issue further I have slowly been taking on more and more of a workload this year which has made it even harder this time around.

That said, I have a folder here on my macbook that I have been gathering possible images to share, even a handful of drafts for future write-ups, and a couple of new radio mixes that have been on the back burner since spring! Looking ahead I see work lightening up somewhat and my mind is starting to let itself feel hopeful that I can start hanging out with everyone here again. It’s an exciting prospect because I always miss it when I am away for too long.

So, while I’m here today, between morning and loading up a system for a small event this afternoon I thought I would jump in and get a new wallpaper up for you guys. Something for these lingering summer days as we ease our way into the cooler months. I hope everyone has been well and I look forward to getting back to more regular posting soon!



When naming images I more often than not play a quick game of word association, I pull up a photo with a blank mind and the first words that come to me become the title. Sometimes it manages to be clever, other times mundane or downright boring and nonsensical. At some point along the way I discovered that this quick spur of the moment naming method helped guide me to discover patterns hiding inside my photographs. I would see images I wanted to share and the first words to pop in my head were identical to words I had previously affiliated with other images. Common threads started to form in my shooting and I realized that I was slowly building various bodies of work based on these loose, subliminal ideas.

One of my more common tropes became, “Any Other Day,” which I have attached to a number of images through the years. Often images playing into the idea of a common scene that is often overlooked or forgotten. An exhausted, usually over embellished idea for many photographers but one that I have repeatedly come back to because it always interested me.

I took the image above a few days ago in Durham, NC while getting some coffee, probably the only image I took that day if I’m remembering right. I discovered it after importing recent photos and felt it would make for a great wallpaper. It seemed to hold a familiarity with with a hint of a story and a just enough kindling for daydreaming. When I opened up the file and cropped it down the save dialogue sat there, staring me in the face, as it always does. A blank, almost hopeless stare on its face, waiting for me to sort out a name for my new post before I could move on. So then, as always, the first word that came to mind, Anywhere, and here we are, collectively reading, everywhere and anywhere, sharing this one sunny corner of a coffee shop together yet apart. Seemed fitting to me. Enjoy!


Welcome Home

Wherever you go, there you are. Home is an idea as loose as time, wedged between comfort and a sense of belonging. It is tied tightly around happiness, bound to its ease and lack of worry. Home is where you find yourself being nothing but yourself. No protective layers, defensiveness, or need to be afraid. Home is love, home is friendship, home is anywhere.

I often discover that I feel most at ease while traveling. Feeling lost is the most clarifying experience I have ever come across. Freedom to be myself, no need for fear, anxiety, worry. On our recent trip to the outer banks we stayed at a beautiful little Bed and Breakfast style Inn which ended up being one of the most humble, easy going experiences I have ever had with an Inn or hotel. Respect among fellow guests is assumed and understood. There were no down payments, no locks on the doors, just simple courtesy and trust which put me at ease enough to shake loose some of the anxiety work has been bringing as of late and let me notice things around me for the first time in what felt like ages.

Sunlight, precious and fleeting, cast shadows throughout the day into the rooms of the Inn and gave me pause more often than I can remember. Gentle breeze brought them to life as the shadows of leaves and curtains danced on the floor. It was a beautiful stay and we won’t hesitate to return to the same Inn the next time we are in Ocracoke. For anyone curious the name of the name of the Inn is The Crews Inn and you can find more information on their website here.

I hope these photos pass along the feeling of calm I felt in this space and bring a little peace to your day. As maddening as the world can be at times it’s nice knowing there are still places of calm out there, waiting to give us a needed break.







Mnml Beach III

Mnml Beach III

Way back in 2010 I posted a series of wallpapers called Mnml Beach and they went on to become some of the most popular desktops on the site. Even to this day I bump into them online from time to time and if your a pro user of Wunderlist you would certainly recognize one among their premium background options.

While visiting the Outer Banks I decided to make a couple of photos in a similar light to carry on the series. The sand of the dunes are soft and fine like sugar and as the sun sets take on a beautiful color. We brought along an old antique bottle to collect a little something to take home with us as a memento which I have also included as a bonus shot below.

Mnml Beach III v2


Ghosts / Gibberish

This past weekend we took a short trip east to the outer banks of NC and stayed on small island only accessible via ferry boat called Ocracoke Island. I for one am not much of a beach lover; constant sun, salt, and sand are not my idea of a good time. That said, this trip ended up being a wonderful, compact holiday that brought an unintentional photographic hiatus to a close.

Our timing for the trip worked out in perfectly serendipitous ways starting with the fact that we were there right at the start of the tourist season so there were no crowds of people at the beach or in the small town. This gave us the opportunity to stay at an amazing and humble B&B without any trouble and made for a particularly quiet stay on the island overall.

The last night of our trip we decided to camp at a great campground by the ocean which ended up being a perfect end to the trip because of a dramatic display we were able to witness atop the sand dunes. Not only were we treated to a beautiful sunset to the west but it was immediately followed by a stunning moonrise to the east over the ocean. A bright glowing ball of red appeared over the ocean among distant clouds and slowly rose into the sky. Easily one of the more beautiful things I have ever witnessed in nature.

After enjoying the moment we pulled out a tripod and played around with long exposures on the beach. I ended up with a few playful photos and thought I would share a couple here as desktops for you guys. Rather than split this up into two posts I decided to share two here. I have a handful of other great shots from the trip that I will share here in due time, for now though, enjoy the new wallpapers!


Don't Walk, Ride

Don’t Walk, Ride

It’s finally looking as though cold weeks are in the past and the season is moving into warm, sunny days. That means pulling my bike out more often is back on my list of things to do and I’m excited for it. Hard to deny that riding a bike is among life’s simple pleasures that one should not miss out on whenever possible. To get into the mood I found this photo taken in Kyoto, a city where bikes were a common site for travel around town. Heres to the simple things.

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