50ft Radio Volume Eleven

Back at it again with another edition of the 50ft Radio series, it’s one I have been whittling away at for a few months now and I love how its come out. You will find a few of my favorite artists as well as newly discovered ones I am excited to share. As always I encourage you guys to dig deeper if one of these songs speak to you. Pick up an album, check their tour listing, share on social media, most artists can use all the love you can give them these days.

For me, I choose to make mixes to share the music I love with others. A well considered collection of songs can tell a story, share how you feel, or in this case, spread the love of ones favorites with friends. Music is the soundtrack to my life and it provides the beat to which I walk and the rhythm of my heart. Sharing it is second nature and something I love to do.

While with this series I often try not to go too far out in left field and often try and choose music I feel anyone could enjoy, they still represent something about me and my personality. This time around I set out thinking I would make a mix of all americana/singer songwriter music but as usual it quickly evolved into my usual eclectic approach but overall I kept things pretty calm. Maybe next time I should finally get some hip-hop into a mix? Seems I have never knocked on that door with these.

I love coming back to mixes years down the line and digging through the songs like lost photographs, or old journals, each bring up a unique set of memories and emotion. My favorite part of sharing these though, and the reason I continue to make them is because I love hearing from you guys about discovering new music. It is always encouraging to hear that someone has picked up a few albums based on the music heard here.

At any rate, the format has changed this time from an AAC file to a good old fashioned mp3. Apple seems to have all but brushed the enhanced format under the rug and I see no reason to continue to use it which is a real shame because I will really miss enhanced audio files capable of multiple chapters and artwork, I feel it was never utilized by enough people and podcasters which was such a waste of a cool technology.

Let me know if you have any issues with the download, I’m still trying to keep it simple. The track listing is available HERE and the mix is available HERE. PLEASE, do not re-host this anywhere else and if you would like to share it link back to this post, thanks so much for that.  As long as the MP3 tags stay in tact I have embedded the track listing in the lyrics section of of the file for quick reference.

High Tide

High Tide

“I wonder if I can catch these pelicans in flight,” was the only thing that crossed my mind as I saw them gliding by, camera aimed straight up into the sky. At first glance it was a shot I figured I would later ignore because of the odd, chaotic composition but upon realizing it would work well as a black and white photo that focused on the shapes and colliding lines rather than the blue of the sky it came to life as a casual yet nostalgic viewpoint that many of us have witnessed before.

While this moment is stuck here in time I imagine this scene reoccurs every day around the same time on this shoreline with or without a camera or anyone to notice or care. These cycles repeat regardless of how many times we check our RSS feeds in a day, regardless of the amount of frustration that builds when someone cuts us off in traffic, regardless of how many words we may or may not have written in that novel were chipping away at.

If you start to imagine photographs not just as fractions of light caught or frozen and more as time itself callously repeating itself despite what has happened in the mean time they can start taking on a life of their own. The moments before and after a photograph are often more interesting or informing than what is seen recorded in an image. Photographs that lead you to wonder what is just outside of the frame are some of my favorites. The kind that can honestly be worth a thousand words if it leaves your imagination to fill in the gaps beyond the confines of the frame.

So, I took a chance and tried to capture this one obscure, fleeting moment as I stood with YoungDoo on a windy beach one afternoon. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the time and space surrounding it.

Botany Bay v3

Botany Bay

We had a nice short trip down to Charleston, SC last weekend and found a few fun places to explore while we were down there. Among them was a beautiful plantation called Botany Bay. It is an active farm and wildlife preserve which was opened to the public about five years ago with a modest driving tour and a beautiful rough beach full of dead trees being battered by the ocean.

While there is not a lot of information available online about this spot it was easy enough to find down an unassuming dirt road at the end of which you sign in at an entrance so they know who is on the grounds and off you go to explore as you please. From what we were told there are all manner of wildlife living naturally in the area including alligators so you have to watch your step while you explore. While the only wildlife we came across was a couple of wild turkeys we have no doubts that there is plenty other wildlife wandering these woods.

Our favorite part of our time there was the beach, we arrived right around high tide so more or less all visitors were on their way out. After a 1/4 mile walk to the shore we were greeted with dozens of old weathered collapsed trees, the slowly rising waters of the ocean, and hundreds of seashells small and large which they have a strict policy against taking any home. It would be fun to explore again at low tide when the waves weren’t constantly threatening to drench our cameras in saltwater but we did snap a few photos while we climbed around among the surf and trees. I figured a good place to start sharing would be these simple shots of shells collected by visitors and left along the shore.

Botany Bay Botany Bay v2

Forgotten Ties

Forgotten Ties

Last but not least and a little late I have the 5th post in a week of desktops, this time around I have a set of images from a quick visit to a nearby train yard on a day off. We only had a few minutes to shoot because it started raining right when we wandered in but I managed to snap a few nice shots in the short visit. It would be a great place for portraits but I’m sure we would get run off in an instant if we drew too much attention to ourselves though it has a lot of potential for future exploring.

I always feel I don’t do enough portrait work, I really love to do it but my introvert self is not always up for finding people to shoot. I have been longing to get out with my Hasselblad and shoot some black and white film to develop and make prints again at home and my more frequent usage of black and white post processing is my attempt at curbing that desire a bit until I have the chance to do so. For now though, enjoy these moody shots and I will see you again soon!

Forgotten Ties v2Forgotten Ties v3Forgotten Ties v4Forgotten Ties v5

Because Spring, Also

Because Spring, Also

While spring is more or less winding down around here I thought I would collect a few more shots taken from the last few weeks and share them as wallpapers to compliment my other spring post. I’ve been loving the cool night air lately and hope it lasts a while longer before things start to heat up. I did my best to choose a well rounded selection to choose from, so hopefully everyone finds one they enjoy.

In other news, next weekend YoungDoo and I are planning on spending a few nights down around Charleston, SC so if anyone is in the area feel free to hit me up and maybe we can grab a drink somewhere. I have one more set of images for you guys in my make up week of desktops, its another five image pack so check back soon for more!

Because Spring, Also v2 Because Spring, Also v3 Because Spring, Also v4 Because Spring, Also v5



Another shot in ode to the simple things in life that can add a lot of joy in unexpected ways. In this case it’s a bit of afternoon sun coming through the window of a house on a farm with a few sprigs of freshly picked flowers and leaves. While Spring has never been my favorite time of the year I do love how hopeful it feels. The promise of a fresh start and the coming summer always lays down a welcome path for many after the burdensome winter prior. You can look forward to a few more spring wallpapers form me this week, perhaps tomorrow. See you then!

Ford V2


Cars don’t usually catch my eye,  I have no affinity toward them like many others seem to. As far as I’m concerned I prefer public transport when it comes to getting around from day to day but mid sized cities like this don’t have much in the way of reliable or far reaching public transportation so cars are unavoidable. While walking down the street the day I took this it wasn’t the truck that caught my eye but the soft light of the afternoon that had me raise my camera for a couple of quick shots while walking by. Its amazing some of these old trucks are still on the road. While the backdrop leaves something to be desired I still enjoy these and thought some of you would enjoy the warm light and the nostalgic old truck. Check back tomorrow for another new image during my catch up week!




Here there guys! To make up for a slow posting schedule over the past few weeks I will be posting a new photo wallpaper  each day this week. To get things kicked off I have a couple of hot images from a few weeks back. I was out grilling on one of the first nice days of the year and grabbed the camera to try and capture some good old fashioned abstract flame shots. So check back soon for more, until then, enjoy the heat.

Flame v2



Well, mostly Rockport. Late last year YoungDoo and I took a road trip north during which our friend Stephanie took us from Boston to her hometown Rockport, MA for a day. It’s a beautiful little town on an island that I would have loved to have a little more time to explore. It was a chilly afternoon when we visited so our time walking around town was brief but I did manage to find a few shots I thought my underused Hasselblad would be perfect for.

I only recently had these developed because we realized that we had a small stockpile of undeveloped film tucked away in various corners of our apartment that were long overdue for their chemical bath. After noticing slowly declining quality from our local film lab we decided to give Richard Photo Lab a shot after seeing the endless praise they seem to get in all corners of the film loving internet and we were not disappointed. While color film has officially broken that threshold of being modestly affordable to shoot too casually, I still feel its worth the investment. These days I reserve my film use for either paid jobs or while I am traveling. My day to day shooting has been narrowed down to being 95% digital which is why you have not seen as much film work out of me lately.

Richard Photo Lab is unique among many labs in that they take extra care in the scanning process to be sure you get the highest quality available from your negatives after developing. Their scanning work lends itself to a slightly over exposed negative or high-key style of shooting because of their tendency to treat the darkest point in each frame as a dark grey rather than absolute black.  This leaves any noise in the film to be amplified  in areas you may have underexposed but leaves you with that now classic “film look” that many of us love so much.

Their tale tell colors and tone have been popularized by a number of different photographers, primarily in the wedding/portrait market, and they also offer a service that allows you to tailor your scan results to fit your needs. For an exhaustive look into the company and their scanning have a look here at this thorough piece by Johnny Patience.

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