Another exciting entry in my dirty wooden floor corner series. Some of you may recognize one of these from my flickr page and now you can have one of your very own! I just really like these sunglasses and the light from this old window was a perfect compliment to them I thought. I believe these were my grandmothers sunglasses and have a nice vintage look and surely some sentimental value to some. I just love the color the light casts through them onto this brown floor and this was one of my favorite things to shoot in this space… More from this series is yet to come so just keep checking back over the week for more!

Because these are similar in context I have decided to simply release them as a desktop pack so you can download them all in one click and make your pick in the comfort of your own time and space. Please please please respect my terms of use and dont use these for any sort of commercial use. I love putting these images up for everyone but it makes it hard for me to do this when I find people using them for profit without asking me… details in the zip download which is this link right here.

Also, as always, enjoy!





Plastic Things

Here we have the plastic frog and his plastic insect friends. Originally taken as a Polaroid I decided to also shoot this digitally for use in a desktop and while I prefer the polaroid I like these as well. This is another shot in my series of shots of random things taken in this nice spot with a foggy window and a nice dirty wooden floor. I have a few more shots from this series as well which I will slowly add here to the site. Enjoy!

Download the desktop you would like by simply clicking on an image below! Legal things are contained inside the file and I simply ask that these not be use for any sort of commercial use…



Taking Control

I find that I have a number of desktops ready to post so I will slowly start to add them to the site starting with this one here. Its more vintage goodness for everyone.. I enjoy taking photos in front of this window and I hope that I have time to shoot a couple more things in front of it before I can not access the spot anymore. Actually, the other desktops I have to post are also things photographed here in this spot.. Anyways, I remember using this controller when I was younger to play games on one of my families old old macs and thought it would be fun to shoot.. I have a Polaroid version of the shot here.
To download the desktops simply click the image you would like. Legal details about the use of this photo are inside the zip you download, please, no commercial use of this without asking and dont be afraid to ask. Never hurts, right? Enjoy!



Just One

Just a simple desktop from dusk one evening.. It was taken as a feeble attempt to capture the feeling of the moment and I thought, why not share it as a desktop. Details on legal whatnots inside the zip simply click the image to download.




I just came across a great compilation that I thought I would point out. It has been released by Ghostly International in conjunction with Adult Swim. An interesting mix really but somehow it works. It contains a lot of great tracks from Ghostly artists and more. A little dance, a little instrumental Hip-Hop, a little avant pop/rock but most importantly there really are some great tracks hiding there int he mix and best of all, ITS FREE. So you really have nothing to loose, just head over, hit download and enjoy.

Heres a Link to where you can grab the album.


Taking advantage of access to a big empty old building full of junk to photograph and a few great spots for light and old dusty aesthetics I have shot a handful of new desktops. These three are just the first ones which did not fit in with the others. I have some others that I will post a little later on as package downloads with different versions for you to choose from. Until then I hope you find something you like here… enjoy!

Simply click the image below you would like to download. These desktops are for your own personal use! This means no commercial use.




On The Hi-Fi

I feel that lately I have been listening less to full albums and more opening iTunes and putting it on shuffle. Its nice this way because it gives me a chance to randomly listen to new music I find without even really knowing what it is I’m listening to. I will sometimes find myself stopping in the middle of whatever it is I’m doing and just staring off into space as I listen to a song that I’m not familiar with but somehow fall in love with on first listen. But even among all the random play there have been a few new albums in my life that I’ve enjoyed and so here we gooooooo….

First off there is a new Jason Anderson record out. A vinyl and digital only release, although when you buy the vinyl there is a cd copy of it inside with the record. On the first listen I really enjoyed it but overall I would have to admit I’m a little disappointed. The thing I always admired about his music was his songwriting. Always really well spoken songs about love, life, loss, the details sometimes that get lost between moments. His songs on his first couple of records seemed focused and honest and tight. But recently he seems to be stretching himself to thin somehow and hes started to ramble more and more in his songs. I think it works well in his live show but on this record some of his new songs seem to preachy almost. Now, this said, i still do really enjoy this record, and recommend it highly because its still a solid record and anyone familiar with his music Im sure will find something to enjoy in this record. jasons myspace page

Next up is a new album by pop minimalist Lullatone. With his first couple of records he was making really simple songs from hushed tones and gentle melodies but with his music after these, singing was introduced and the focus changed somewhat to find himself in this new quiet cute pop territory which i really enjoyed at times when thats all I really wanted to hear, something simple, light, easy to hear. Almost like your sitting in this room with the music while its being performed with toys and sounds and tiny instruments. So anyways, this new record is another vocal centered album full of cute simple pop songs with nearly every random home made and gentle sound sources you could imagine. The featured song being called The Bathtime Beat has a nice drum solo using water in a bathtub for percussion which should give you an idea of what to expect. If this sounds at all interesting to you then you should certainly check it out… band site

black keys
And onto the blues rock portion of this entry with a new album by an old favorite of mine The Black Keys. The thing I love about these guys is the way they have progressed as a band, starting off with their first records as pretty much strictly a two piece guitar and drums kind of a thing and as time goes on they are getting more and more fully produced but unlike many bands that do this they have done a great job of keeping there aesthetic while progressing musically. Highly recommended.. band site

So what about something in the world of electronic music, its been one of those stretches of time where I have not listened to quite as much lately but thats not to say there is not any around. Other than listening to random favorites I have been enjoying the new songs added to a new version of Mathew Dear’s album Asa Breed called simply, the black version. I think its kind of a strange idea to re release an album from a year ago and just add half a dozen songs to the end of it rather than releasing it as a new EP or something of the sort but I just bought the extra songs digitally rather than buying the album all over again. The new songs include a couple of new originals as well as a few remixes but ive enjoyed both of them. The originals on here separate him even more from his roots as a mostly dance music artist but its not a bad thing as I have really enjoyed his mixed up style of rock and electronic and whatever else you want to call it. If you are a fan of his, don’t miss these new songs.. band site

Thats all for now… till next time.



I recently dug up an old Polaroid camera long forgotten. Not one of the trendy interesting old ones, just a boring looking old gray one from who knows when. I figured since the film for it was not going tobe made any more that I should shoot a bit with it and I also thought it would work well for something I wanted to do with Polaroids so I went and found somewhere that still had a few rolls sitting on its shelf and bought 4 rolls of it. Damn this stuff is expensive! Fifteen Dollars for 10 photos seems a bit steep to me at least.

I flew through the first ten just getting an idea of how the camera handled and after thinking up interesting ways of combating the automatic flash which apparently can not be turned off I got a few nice shots out of it. I can see why this way of shooting has become trendy again, Its like an instant darkroom and to see the image appear there in front of you is a nice feeling really. This and the not quite perfect exposures and focus can lead to happy accidents.

So you may or may not see a few Polaroid photos pop up here or in my flickr stream in the coming weeks as I shoot through the remaining 30 or so photos I have left to take. Heres to nostalgia…

Vintage Sight/Sound


Its interesting how the advancement of various technologies always seem to be speeding up faster and faster as time crawls forward. It would seem that within these rapid advancements people have begun to rebel against the new digital age in small ways and trends have been born of classic, early ideas and products.

Within photography you see countless photographers like myself feeling a bit overwhelmed by the never ending photographs that come pouring in from digital SLR’s around the world. Its suddenly become so easy to shoot until something looks good and let the computer do the rest for you. As with any modern trend, such as digital photography, there seems to always be some sort of counterpoint that comes into the light and in this case I notice an obvious trend to go backwards a bit and use film instead. Many people seem to be hooked on old technologies that resulted in a unique aesthetic that digital cameras cannot seem to emulate. Maybe I’m simply pointing out the obvious here but for the sake of making some sort of statement along with my new set of desktops I thought I would start up some sort of discussion in the process.

At any rate, my personal attraction to using film is simply because I started out my photography using film and a darkroom and after a few years of messing about with the digital medium I found myself craving the unique feeling that you get from using a film camera. I just love the organic nature of it all.

So in the spirit of the past meeting the present I have a small pack of desktops taken with my digital Canon 5D of my old film camera, my Canonet. Surely there are some of you, like myself that can appreciate the best of both worlds…

Click the image below to download the three desktop wallpapers and please, no commercial use is permitted without my permission, thanks!


As the title of the post suggested, photography is not the only thing I wanted to feature. As someone who works in the audio industry I notice that withing this business there are more trends than any other. Funny thing is that within the technology of sound reproduction you can only do so much with speakers and microphones due to the simple physics behind it all and some of the ridiculous things that the big audio companies come up with to market their products are just that, kind of ridiculous. One of the most commonly seen trends as of late however, is vintage gear. Especially in microphones. New products trying to emulate old sounds. Its always interesting to try and keep up with what people are buying and why.

So anyway, I was sitting around one day wanting to take some photos in the amazing light of these huge windows at the new building the company I work for is in and thought it might be interesting to shoot some images of some old vintage microphones we have around from Electro-Voice and RCA. I was happy with the way they came out so hopefully you guys will enjoy them as well.

Just click the image below to download the desktop pack and as with all the desktops I release these are for personal use only! Thanks for understanding and enjoy!


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