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On The Hi-Fi

I feel that lately I have been listening less to full albums and more opening iTunes and putting it on shuffle. Its nice this way because it gives me a chance to randomly listen to new music I find without even really knowing what it is I’m listening to. I will sometimes find myself stopping in the middle of whatever it is I’m doing and just staring off into space as I listen to a song that I’m not familiar with but somehow fall in love with on first listen. But even among all the random play there have been a few new albums in my life that I’ve enjoyed and so here we gooooooo….

First off there is a new Jason Anderson record out. A vinyl and digital only release, although when you buy the vinyl there is a cd copy of it inside with the record. On the first listen I really enjoyed it but overall I would have to admit I’m a little disappointed. The thing I always admired about his music was his songwriting. Always really well spoken songs about love, life, loss, the details sometimes that get lost between moments. His songs on his first couple of records seemed focused and honest and tight. But recently he seems to be stretching himself to thin somehow and hes started to ramble more and more in his songs. I think it works well in his live show but on this record some of his new songs seem to preachy almost. Now, this said, i still do really enjoy this record, and recommend it highly because its still a solid record and anyone familiar with his music Im sure will find something to enjoy in this record. jasons myspace page

Next up is a new album by pop minimalist Lullatone. With his first couple of records he was making really simple songs from hushed tones and gentle melodies but with his music after these, singing was introduced and the focus changed somewhat to find himself in this new quiet cute pop territory which i really enjoyed at times when thats all I really wanted to hear, something simple, light, easy to hear. Almost like your sitting in this room with the music while its being performed with toys and sounds and tiny instruments. So anyways, this new record is another vocal centered album full of cute simple pop songs with nearly every random home made and gentle sound sources you could imagine. The featured song being called The Bathtime Beat has a nice drum solo using water in a bathtub for percussion which should give you an idea of what to expect. If this sounds at all interesting to you then you should certainly check it out… band site

black keys
And onto the blues rock portion of this entry with a new album by an old favorite of mine The Black Keys. The thing I love about these guys is the way they have progressed as a band, starting off with their first records as pretty much strictly a two piece guitar and drums kind of a thing and as time goes on they are getting more and more fully produced but unlike many bands that do this they have done a great job of keeping there aesthetic while progressing musically. Highly recommended.. band site

So what about something in the world of electronic music, its been one of those stretches of time where I have not listened to quite as much lately but thats not to say there is not any around. Other than listening to random favorites I have been enjoying the new songs added to a new version of Mathew Dear’s album Asa Breed called simply, the black version. I think its kind of a strange idea to re release an album from a year ago and just add half a dozen songs to the end of it rather than releasing it as a new EP or something of the sort but I just bought the extra songs digitally rather than buying the album all over again. The new songs include a couple of new originals as well as a few remixes but ive enjoyed both of them. The originals on here separate him even more from his roots as a mostly dance music artist but its not a bad thing as I have really enjoyed his mixed up style of rock and electronic and whatever else you want to call it. If you are a fan of his, don’t miss these new songs.. band site

Thats all for now… till next time.

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