I have another suggestion for your ears today. An album I recently found that has been available for a while now it seems. I have been a fan of this musician for a long time without even realizing it. Mick Turner is a guitarist that has worked with all sorts of various big names in the indie music world. Most directly and obviously is his involvement with the group The Dirty Three.

At any rate, I will skip the history as its already been written a million other places more accurately and with a more professional gloss than what I can manage anyhow. This is a beautiful album full of slow, calm, rambling guitar along with the occasional other instrumentation. Almost ambient in the end but in a smooth, relaxing sort of a way. A great album for times when your mind needs a break which mine often seems to need so I love coming across such albums as this.

So take a moment and listen on iTunes or Amazon or wherever you prefer… surely your mind could use such a calm moment as well..

Through the Flowers

Another day, another set of desktops for everyone. The images here were shot while I was in Munich and they are so similar I just figured I should release them in a pack together to make it simple and this way you get them all at once and can choose by trying. My trip was a great one and I have other photos I would like to share here soon and I’m coming up with a good way of doing that. But for now enjoy these and I will check back soon. Im feeling a music post coming..

Please use these only for your desktop wallpaper and nothing more. No commercial use is allowed! Thanks and enjoy! Download the pack by clicking the link HERE.

green one

green two

green three


I am alive and well in Germany this week and finally have an internet connection so I thought I would post a desktop for everyone. Contradicting the cold rainy weather I have been in all week I chose a simple image of a purple flower surrounded by white ones. Not to much to report outside of doing well and enjoying my time in Munich, still 4 days left so im going to get to living them.

To download the desktop simply click the image below or maybe right click the image and download the attached file. Legal info is in the zip file but pretty much I just ask that you dont use the image for any commercial use and otherwise, enjoy!



This was a popular one when I posted it up on flickr so I decided to make it the next post in my series of photos taken here in this spot. Only a couple more of these sorts of shots left I think. I will try and get some more nature shots in sometime for those of you who like those.

Sorry about the big preview image, its the best way I could come up with to show a little piece of each desktop without posting 8 images, click the image to download the set of 8 desktops. Remember, these are not for commercial use! Feel free to use them as your desktop wallpaper and send your friends a link to the site but please ask before using them for anything else, thanks and enjoy!



I Have had a couple of requests now for some desktops with a bit more of a spring feeling which is a reasonable request I thought so I shot these as a response, I will shoot some more as I find some images that I think represent spring without being too terribly cliché if thats possible :)

As always, these are to be used for your own personal use and not for any commercial use. Thanks for understanding, click the desktop you would like to have and you will be on your way to a fresh start for your computing day.



Whats Next

So its been a good while it seems since I have posted anything about my life so why not fill you guys in on my newest travel plans. Anyone that has been following my sites long enough probably know that I really love to travel and so I am happy to say that I have another trip planned back to Europe and this time I will be heading to Munich, Germany for about a week and a half in May.

I really dont have much of anything specific planned other than I have a plane ticket and a place to stay there with a friend. I prefer trips like this really, just to keep things open and ready for anything that may come along while I am there. I just really enjoy the feeling of being outside of my everyday element, somewhere new or foreign. It just feels good and inspiring to be a little lost and under prepared. Trips with too much planing often feel forced to me so I am really looking forward to this trip. Anyone in the area feel free to write and say hello and maybe we can get together if your interested. Its nice to know the faces behind the readers of my site sometimes.

So other than that I still have a number of desktops lined up and ready to go that I will try and get out sooner than later. So heres to a new adventure on the horizon..

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