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UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that the second image here, “look up” was not at a normal desktop resolution but one that was the preview image size, I have since fixed this and you can re-download the proper sized image below..

Its frustrating sometimes having this site that I love and not really having as much time as I would like to post to it. I would love to get back to the point where I was posting once a day or even once every couple of days back in the twistedsun.net days but sometimes life takes the front seat and sometimes fiftyfootshadows see’s some slow moments in posting.

Anyways, thats just an elaborate way of saying sorry for not posting more often, maybe not the most professional thing to post but there it is. It is, after all, still my personal blog for the most part. It seems that only a handful of people read the content I post here anyhow and usually images are posted and downloaded as desktops when I post them as such without glancing for a moment to see the story or thought behind them. Its just life as a blogger I suppose. That challenge to easy interesting and relevant among so many other voices online.

So all rambling aside Ive got a couple new desktops to share with everyone. This time they are from Chicago which I visited recently and really enjoyed spending time in. These shots are no surprise really, simple skyline type deals but I still thought they were nice shots, especially because they gave me a valid use for the borrowed 14mmL I had on my 5d at the time. I hope some of you enjoy them!

Stay tuned for a new music post and a couple other things I’ve been meaning to post recently.

As always, these are not for commercial use without my permission and to download an image simply click or right click an image you would like to get and download the attached zip file. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!



frozen lake
Guest Desktop

Flickr Spotlight

I’m back with another flickr spotlight and this time around I have found my way to a photographer I have been following for a long time now, YoungDoo Moon. While going through her photos my only problem was deciding which photos to feature here as desktops because there were so many that I initially had selected as candidates and going through 5000+ photos was no short task! Knowing this I would like to mention that one of the things I find intriguing about her work is her endurance for taking photos. She seems to constantly stumble across dreamy well lit things to shoot and her style has this soft, welcoming sort of a feel to it. Even her darker images have an undeniable calm to them.

But lets take a step back, who is YoungDoo? She is a native Korean and grew up in a small village but now resides in Seoul. She is no stranger to travel, however and has ventured all over Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, and Japan. In Seoul she works as a graphic designer full time and this is how she got into photography more seriously because as a student of design she took classes where she had the chance to work with film and learn more about the technical/ interesting side of the medium.

For her photography is both therapeutic and sometimes emotional as she approaches it as a way to communicate feeling when words can not be found. This sort of visual communicating comes through clearly in her subtle imagery. I like her use of color to help these images feel alive in a quiet sort of a way.

I am more than happy that she agreed to let me share a handful of images here for the visitors of fiftyfootshadows.net as desktops. If you like what you have seen here feel free to leave a comment and/or check out her flickr stream by following this link here!

The following images are for personal use only as your desktop image, not for anything commercial. Please respect these simple terms of use which can also be found in the downloaded zip files containing the desktops. Respect these simple rules so I can continue to offer great desktops for everyone in the future! Thanks! To download an image simply click or right click the image you would like to download the attached zip file.

frozen lake











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Turn Turn Turn

A quick post for the sake of a new desktop, same shoot as the pixelgirl shot i mentioned a while back… please, no commercial use and to download just click or right click the image below to get at the .zip. Enjoy!


To whom it may concern,



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