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Munich, Germany

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Strawberry Fields


Here is my first desktop from my two month stay in Germany. A simple one, yes, but I like the mood. There are a number of other shots that I took in this field and I will post them in a post following this one minus the desktop versions. As with all my images, please respect the terms of use and to download this desktop simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the attached zip and enjoy!

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Other People


I took this with my canonet sometime in the last two months. Its one of those photos I just don’t remember taking but something about it I really liked for a reason I can’t quite put my finger on it. As with all my film scans, the scan does not do it justice. I cant wait to find a proper solution to scanning / reproducing film images digitally and/or to make some proper prints for a show / book that I am slowly planning in the back of my mind. (What do you think of the centered image? I’ve never done that on this site..)

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Surely there are some readers that like horses so I have gathered a few photos from my recent trip to a farm to share with everyone. For anyone who missed the news I am in Germany and will be here for two months. I look forward to taking some photos and posting some new desktops from my trip here as I explore more. So far I have only taken shots with my little XA film camera which wont be seen until I get back most likely but I will start lugging around the ol’ 5D soon enough.

So I decided to include all of these images in one zip file to make things more simple. Please respect the terms of use, especially this time, because the images are important to the people I took them for and I am sharing them here for readers to enjoy as desktop images, not to take and use for any commercial use. Thanks for understanding and to download the images simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the attached zip file and enjoy!

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Seeing Double


I posted a number of these shots to flickr recently but I also wanted to share them here with readers that don’t follow what I post there. These photos are all part of my double exposure project that I plan on working on and collecting images from for at least a year in order to release a collaborative sort of a book or showing of some kind called, Seeing Double. The idea is that I shoot a roll of film and then, rather than wind it all the way back into the film canister, I leave the lead of the film out and load it back into the camera. I want to do this and have other photographers shoot through the second time in a collaborative effort. So far I have done this with my brother, a roll of both my own shots, and the third was shared with my girlfriend in Germany. It is the batch I am sharing here in this post. I really love the idea that I am capturing moments in one part of the world and sending the film off to combine my captured moments with others. Always unexpected and always fun and I look forward to doing it more and more in the future. For those interested, the camera I have chosen for the project is an Olympus XA2.

In a bit of personal news that ties into this post quite well, I will be leaving the country again in two days. This time I am back off to Munich in Germany for two months! I will be staying there with my girlfriend in her tiny apartment and I could not be more excited about the idea of spending an extended period of time like this with her and in another part of the world. Over the past few years I have become increasingly addicted to traveling to places around the world. I simply love being immersed in a place where I don’t know the language well, if at all, and the inspiration and experiences it brings. So if your around Munich and your not a creepy stalker person or anything of the sort then send an email my way and maybe we can get together at some point while I’m there. I look forward to shooting while I’m there and exploring the city more than I did the last time I visited for a couple of weeks last spring.

Needless to say I wont have any new film images for a while until I return and develop it all but hopefully I’ll make up the difference with some digital images or video along the way. At any rate, enjoy these newest additions to my seeing double project!







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Lucky(?) Cat




It’s been fun shooting with polaroid film but seeing as its nearly 20 dollars for ten shots its getting to be a bit to expensive for me really and I think I’ve gotten my fill of the novelty of it. I will have to admit though that it was fun to shoot with and while I didn’t have one of those fancy old SX-70’s everyones running around with these days I still enjoyed making the best of the odd random 80’s model I had found somewhere.

This little mini series of shots are of a lucky cat figurine that I’ve had for some time now but recently one of my cats came along and pushed it off of its shelf for me leaving its paw and half of its face missing but somehow, for some reason I cant explain, I still enjoy having it around. I’m just hoping that it’s not having the opposite effect and leaving me with bad luck…

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Big Sky


Years ago when I had the idea of making images for people to use as desktops/ wallpapers I was faced with the idea that a desktop image was special in that it had to be something at least somewhat minimal in order to fit well for what it was being used for. A good desktop, in my opinion, is one that leaves enough breathing room and negative space to be functional as well as give the viewer something nice, inspiring, fun, or interesting to look at and when all the windows are closed and the computer is resting, unused, the screen becomes my canvas. When I started making images for desktops I experimented with adding design elements/ vector objects to add something to the photography but was never really all that happy with the result. This lead me to take a different approach to taking photos to begin with. It lead me to search for compositions and subjects that left plenty of space for things to lay over the image in the end and to this day I feel it impacted my approach to photography in general in a pretty significant way.

At any rate, this time around I present you with my most minimalist desktop yet, a blue sky. Sure, you could do this in photoshop or illustrator with a few clicks but to me, knowing that this is a photo of the vast blue sky is kind of calming and humbling in a way. Am I reading a bit to much into it? Maybe, but I still liked the image and thought it would make for a great desktop. So to download this blue beauty, simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE and download the attached zip file and please, respect the terms of use and enjoy!

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