I rarely play with video because of a couple of reasons. Mostly its because I don’t have a decent video camera for it. One day I would love to have one of many of these nice little HD camcorders available but who knows if that will ever happen. I am more likely to get a 5D II then that. This leaves me with the only little camera I have, a tiny little thing that records digitally into a weird proprietary format that’s hard to work with and its recording quality is sort of.. well, there is no quality really. Looking back at some of the videos I made with it I came across this little 30 second clip that I extended to about two minutes with music and some subtle shifting in time. After watching it a number of times over I have grown to like it.

There are these three things you can follow along with in it. The three people, the car, and the plane. They all sort of interact with each other within the events that occur diring the short period of time and the added music from Wixel (such a beautiful song) adds something to it that pulls it all together into this slow moving piece of life. I love the subtle movement of the ghosts of these duplicate movements and the way they interact.. Maybe you will enjoy it. Maybe it will bore you, but I thought I would share it here all the same.

Pieces Of The Sea


I had a little bit of time at a beach recently while working and took a few photos while I was there. While I did not really get any really striking images I did get a couple that seemed to make nice desktop imagery. I have been sitting on them for a couple weeks and I am sorry for not getting them up sooner. Why are they black and white? Well, I was working on prepping them for desktop distribution and they just seemed to work better this way. Maybe its just the mood I’m in but I like them and I hope you enjoy them as well.

To download the desktops simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the zip file containing both of them. Please mind the terms of use and don’t use these for your personal profit without my permission, thanks and enjoy!

Seeing Double

This was sort of an accident, at the end of a roll, I knew I was out of shots but shot it anyhow and ended up with these two overlapping images that I combined to get this. It was shot with slide film processed in C-41 hints the weird colors. Also, I’ve been thinking about the whole cleaning up these horrible scans of my photos and getting rid of dust and the annoying horizontal lines that appear. Anyone following along knows I have been fighting this for some time now and I think in the end these sorts of things add to the digital version of the analogue images, like these imperfections bring back some of the reality to the process they were captured with. Its also interesting the difference between the scanned version and the actual print. Sorry, just rambling a bit.

I have a couple desktops from the 5D that I took while I was at the ocean and they are nice and pretty and whatnot and hopefully I will add them here soon! I know things have been slow but as always, I have to push my time around to get everything I want to do done in a day. Thanks for your patience between my postings! Till next time then.. hopefully sooner than later.

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