A Handful

While I would like to go into more detail about my newest camera I think I will wait just a little longer until I have the time I would like to put my mind into it. At the moment I am simply too tired and simply wanted to post a handful of images taken with it over the past few weeks. Nothing too exciting but still, I have seen a lot of potential for greatness behind this lens. Details of which will follow sometime this coming week, I hope.

Sorry about those distracting white borders, I like the look of the uncropped scans but Its a bit distracting on darker backgrounds I know. I’m just too sleepy to go back and crop all these after resizing them once already.. anyways, hope you don’t mind.

Follow the read more link to see all of the images, there are many more hiding there, I just didnt want to completely fill my front page with them.



127 Part Two


I Posted these here once already I think from a scan of the contact sheets. After sticking some cardboard in between these negatives and the negative carrier in my scanner I managed to get them flat enough to scan consistently. I failed to think about the carriers to scan and print these 127 film (between 35 and 120 medium format) negatives but It was fun to shoot with the camera that took them and I did get a handful of interesting shots from it so its all worth it in the long run. I hope to find a carrier for the enlarger I have here when I get around to actually putting it to use. Otherwise, This post is simply to share some images with everyone. I am still looking for time to write about my new cameras and post some images from them. Well, one of them at least, the medium format negatives will be developed after I finnish a couple rolls at least because the nearest place that I trust with them is a two hour drive away. Hmm, I will admit I take out my digital camera a lot less often hints the fact that you see less in the way of desktops posted but I will take it out again soon and look for some nice new things to post. I would love to do another flickr spotlight but I have to pick a flickr member that would fit to the idea and criteria of images well suited for desktop use. Not hard really but time consuming trying to convince a photographer that its ok to share their images at a moderate sized resolution for people to use them in this way. Convincing them that they are not being ripped off and that its simply a way to share with the world and expose their images in a new way to new people. Blah blah blah. Enough for now, enjoy the photo looking and I hope to see you again soon!

Reel To Reel




A new series of desktops for everyone, mainly those of you with any interest in recording I suppose. Simply some shots I snagged at a friends home studio setup in the light of a grey morning coming in through the window. I know a couple are pretty similar but sometimes I just like to give you all options because I know how picky the people of the world can be.

The Images above are not the full resolution desktops! To download them simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the four you see above in a convenient zip file. These are here for your personal enjoyment and are not to be used with your commercial money making whatever without my permission please, I love supplying the world with some interesting things to fill their computer screens free but I have to keep an eye on such activities so thanks for your understanding on that. More information found in the terms of use inside of the zip file. Thanks and enjoy!


Sort of a strange one I think but why not post it. Im sort of posting this between working so not much time for a story if there was one. I have some new film images and news to share soon so check back this week for more. Download the full size image by CLICKING OR RIGHT CLICKING HERE and you will have the zip file that also contains the terms of use. Personal use only please! Thanks and enjoy!


Another nice shot from my trip to an arboretum to shoot some photos of a friend. I like this because it immediately raises the question, what is that thing? It was a lone piece of a sculpture carved from stone and is a good bit bigger than a human head. Simple and it looks great on a big screen.

To download the full size image simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the zip, please no commercial use. Thanks and enjoy!



To be honest this is the first desktop in quite some time that I have been really happy with and I wish I could post stuff this nice all the time for everyone. It was such a simple thing and the wall was more off white in real life but the way I had the white balance set the color came out this great blue instead because it was in the shadows. The second version here, the green one, is the original version. The orange one up there was something I could not resist doing and I love those colors together. These were shot at a little japanese garden while I was taking some press shots of a friend. I have one other desktop, maybe two, from the day that I will post sometime soon.

To download the full sized desktop simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the attached zip file containing both versions at a nice desktop worthy resolution. Also, these are not to be used for any commercial use, they are for your personal enjoyment only as stated in the terms of use in the zip file. Thanks for visiting, enjoy, and come back soon!

Into Fog


I know posting has been slow again, sorry about that, I am going to try and get a few shots today while I am out and about so we can have some new desktops around here. In the mean time, here is a shot I took with my Olympus XA a month or so ago. Not a desktop size but I could be convinced to rescan it to be big enough…

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