My Window


Should I make this bottom one here a desktop? I spun around in my chair after the sun had set and was graced with this wonderful subtle light peaking through my window this evening so I pulled out the 5D and was lucky enough that it was not darker yet so I didn’t have to deal with the tripod. I already have a desktop of these cutouts in my window but the sunset just made this too nice to pass up a shot. I hope this streak of shooting on a more regular basis keeps up. I never tire of the sound of a shutter.

UPDATE: Click or right click here for the desktop of the bottom image and enjoy !
UPDATE TWO: I have added the first image as well in the zip so simply re-download it if you would like that one as well.

The Lake

Went to a lake today with my brother. Shot a few photos, mostly film and I hope they come out well. These were more just exploratory shots I took before committing to film but in the spirit of sharing and keeping the site up with some fresh things to look at I thought I would share a few here.




Deposit Box




Shot these recently of an old light from a bank that glows a dull blue and has hand painted lettering on a sheet of glass in the middle of it. I’m not sure what the target audience these would have as desktops but it was a fun subject to shoot and they are kind of neat looking and moody so I figured why not post them, what else would I do with these anyhow. They are all straight out of the camera, only cropping here.

To download the full size desktops simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download a zip file with all of them inside and no worries, my zips are clean! only jpgs and a text file with the terms of use inside, speaking of which, these are not for commercial use! Thanks and enjoy!

I See Darkness

Well, these aren’t desktops but I suppose they could be, I would just have to re-tweak them in a bigger size. I was messing around and thought I would share the results here. I have recently been thinking a lot about silhouettes and ways to make them interesting and stumbled across this shot recently one evening at the end of the work day. It would be fun to use black figures in photos but would require some heavyish editing to get the shots I’m thinking of, maybe.. That is if I ever follow through on the ideas. Also, what’s with my hair? It’s in an awkward place between short and long and im sort of just letting the messy look I have going ride for a while. And with me, well, it has not been intentional, more laziness really, heh… aaaanyways..


I Write The B-Sides




Three new vinyl inspired desktops, I had just listened to this album (Here We Go Magic – s/t, wonderful album!) and as it was en route to being back in its sleeve the light from the windows in the room hit it just right and these images just sort of made themselves really. After messing with a few different angles and focusing ideas I came up with these three, I hope you enjoy them!

To download these in their true full size desktop form simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to grab a zip containing all three images. Inside the zip you will also see a text file with the basic terms of use that state these are not for any commercial use without my permission. Some of you may wonder why I use zips rather than simply linking to full size jpgs and the reason is simply that it allows me to avoid people hot linking the large files as the backgrounds to their webpages and the like eating my bandwidth in the process, and it allows for a nice organized storage method as well as a nice way to subtly make the terms of use seen every time. Its an approach that has worked for a long time now.. Anyway, enjoy the desktops and I will talk to you next time!

Yashica Mat 124

First roll through, here are most of the images, nothing too extraordinary yet but I will get there, I just have to be more patient shooting through the rolls. Working with a light meter is still a little strange for me but nice, I don’t really like the one that I have though.. I just loaded an Ilford B&W roll in there which I am interested in trying. I have to adjust to not having the crutch of having a fast lens on the camera but I think it might be a good thing for me. I hope for it to help me focus on my composition a little more. I still hope to talk more about these new cameras, maybe I can make time this week. Follow the read more link for all of the shots.








I am not too happy with these in their larger sizes because they really are not nearly as sharp as I would want them to be but it is what it is and the need for some new desktops around here outweighs my gripes with my own images. These are film images shot with my Bessa R3M which I have really enjoyed using. Hopefully the slightly blurred appearance of these wont annoy to many of you. The last one here is the one that is the worst of the three because it was actually pretty dark outside at the time and I was shooting handheld at a moderately low shutter speed and and and… Sorry, I am breaking my own rule about talking down about my own work on the site. I hear you should always stay away from self destructive comments but here it is and its that kind of day.

I hope to get out and shoot the remainder of the 120 roll I have loaded and get it developed today or tomorrow but well see how that goes, I also have a roll of 50ISO slide film that I am shooting through a little too quickly but hope to get some good shots out of all the same. In other words, I hope to share more new photos with everyone here soon.

Now, for the desktop versions of these images. Hopefully everyone at least glanced through the text here enough to read this and see that to get the full resolution versions of these as desktops you need to CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE and save the zip file containing the three images above. Please note that these are not to be used for any commercial work without my consent, I appreciate the support from all my readers and Wish you all a great day!


Just to get something a little fresh up here because things have slowed this month. I have three new desktops from some film images to post, just need to compress them and upload them and all that so maybe tomorrow or something. With my little bit of time tonight I made this instead, really not much to look at, its better full screen with sound on. The music does not sync really but it fits in a loose sort of a way. Music is by SND.

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