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Into White

Exploring a truck yard and its little canyons of metal. This shot from the time there seemed to make for a fitting desktop image. To download the full size version simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the attached zip. Please, no commercial use, more details can be found in the terms of use within the zip, thanks and enjoy!

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Paper Swans



These images were shot recently out at the lake I often visit nearby, this time I brought a prop along, heh. I know it has been WAY to long since I have posted! Both here and on You Disappear but I really hope to get the ball rolling again, I have a dozen or so albums backed up for youdisappear.net and another couple desktop posts ready to format and get up here, just have to make the time for it. Thats not including a ton of film shots I would love to share here as well.

All in good time my friends :)

To download the full resolution desktops of the photos above simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to grab the zip file with all three as well as the terms of use which I threw in there as well in case your curious. Pretty much no commercial use without my permission and if you share them please please please link back here, thanks and enjoy!

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Welcome the newest member of my camera family. After endless research I decided to get a Hasselblad instead of the Rolleiflex TLR I had my eyes on for so long. I liked the romantic sort of a feel about using a Rollei but comparatively this just seemed to make more sense in the long run. I plan to get a second back and polaroid back for it soon to go ahead and round out its capabilities. I felt I got it for a good price considering the bodies age being a newer one, and its nearly flawless condition. I do wish it were a silver trimmed one but beggars cant be choosers, I am thrilled to have it around.

I have already shot a roll through it and developed it at home (B&W developing, fun!) and the results were lovely. As soon as I sort out some issues with my scanner I will share some photos here or on flickr. Thats all for now, just a quick update. More photos are still on their way, the NY photos are still in developing land but I will get them this weekend. (new desktop soon too! A nice one!)

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The Other Side

My brother shot this of me shooting in NY, Not every day I have a photo of myself, more or less shooting. The shot I was lining up here didn’t end up working if I remember correctly. More new photos soon! I will be taking in a few rolls for developing first thing next week so stick around.

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Something else new for everyone. Sure sure, it’s trash in a lake but look how beautiful it is. It was hard to believe how still the lake was that day with just the smallest breeze to give it a tiny bit of texture. Something about this tire there in that moment just seemed perfect with the reflection of the blue/grey sky cast onto the water from the light just after the sunset. I realize the first couple are really similar but I have always liked giving everyone different options when I can because everyone has slightly different taste I know. I thought of altering the saturation a bit or lightening them up but decided I liked them this way, straight out of the camera. and cropped.

To download these desktops simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download a zip containing all four of the images in desktop form. Please respect my terms of use which basically state not to use any images for commercial use without my prior consent. Otherwise, thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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See Sea


I’m not entirely sure what I think of these. I wanted to like them but they are not quite what I wanted to capture. Still, I thought I could use a couple of new desktops around and these were there waiting in line so here they are. When I was shooting these, I was sticking my 5d down into the water, just above its surface and moving it up and down along with the waves to try to capture this sort of inside the wave thing but one of the times I was a bit off and the water jumped up on me suddenly and splashed into the camera getting it all wet. Because it was so unbelievably hot that day it dried off pretty quick after a couple of shakes and a few minutes time. Not the first time I have dunked a camera into water accidentally..

To download the desktop sized versions of these simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the attached zip file containing the desktops. Please, no commercial use without permission! Thanks and enjoy!

To whom it may concern,



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