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UPDATE #2: Thanks for everyone that participated! I am not able to take any more print orders as I travel. Those of you who missed the chance I think I will open up the floor again in December for prints so check back then for more!

UPDATE: all the auction prints below are now being sold on a first come first serve basis, see this post for more info.

Well, the time has come, I have chosen five film images to offer as prints for this sale to raise money for living expenses on my trip to india. They are being offered as the first edition of them being available to anyone in print form and many of you who follow the site know that the opportunity does not come up too often.

The images below will be printed as 8×12 prints, a size that will maintain the original aspect ratio of the 35mm negatives. While I considered a larger size I feel this is a good size for a 35mm print not too small but not so big that the small negative starts to show its limits. They will be printed at a trusted high quality local print shop on glossy paper because, personally, I feel glossy prints work best with color images nicer color, contrast and sharpness. I can provide further info on that if you would like to know. Keep in mind that the printed images may vary slightly in color, saturation, and contrast as not all computer screens will present these the same.

For the pricing, I have decided to put these up for sale for one week as an auction hosted myself here on the site. I will start the biding for each print at $35 USD and each day I will post the current price it is going for and on the last day there will be no crazy last minute bidding war like on ebay, I will simply take the highest offer.

Please submit your bids to john(at)fiftyfootshadows.net (bidding will be in USD)

The Auction will end on Sunday November 1st at midnight (Eastern US time) and I will send the high bidder for each image a Paypal mail asking for the amount of the ending price. Shipping will be included if it is within the U.S. but if is outside of the U.S. I will add $5 for shipping via airmail. I will ship them on Wed Nov 4th.

In addition to this I will also make available any desktop image here on fiftyfootshadows as either an 8×12 for $25 during this week only. I will collect orders for them and ship them on Wed Nov 4th as well. I will let you know if for some reason I don’t have an image available as a print from the desktop selection for various reasons and this excludes the desktops made from film images.

Thanks so much for your support everyone! Every little bit counts right now and I am happy to finally offer a few photos as prints to readers and I hope you guys enjoy the opportunity. All the best and I will keep you updated here on this post as the week moves forward.

Writing – Current Bid $35

Petroglyph Love – Current Bid $35

Missing – Current Bid $35

Awake – Current Bid $35

Downstairs – Current Bid $35

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Traveling Again / India Bound

Well, it seems I will find myself climbing onto a plane again and this time it will set its wings toward India. I will be spending just over 20 days or so traveling by train, foot, rickshaw, and maybe a camel, who knows. The trip sort of arrived unexpectedly as an idea and a possibility and I am more than excited to take advantage of the opportunity. Half of the time I will be traveling with someone and the other half I will be trekking along alone to who knows where. I have a rough idea of where I will be visiting but the details are still being filled in.

Along the way I will of course be photographing the journey and have made the decision to shoot nothing but film while I travel there. Well outside of random iphone photos. It was a tough call really, deciding weather or not to bring the 5D along as well and then deciding what kind of film to focus on and shoot with but I think I have narrowed it down to just bringing my Bessa R3M and my new Hasselblad both loaded up with Kodak Portra 400VC so things should hold a consistency that I think will be nice to have. Anyways, just mentioning for those of you who are interested in such things.

So that said, I am by no means rich and traveling does take its toll on my wallet. The ticket took a pretty big chunk of my funds and while I should be able to get by ok on my small budget I was thinking I may want to look into the possibility of raising some extra money for the trip so I don’t ended up stranded in a desert somewhere, heh. My first thought and something I did do was sell a couple of things, a camera lens and an old film camera and I have been digging around for as much local work as I can find but I think its time I try something I have been meaning to get around to for a long time now. Selling a few prints.

Selling prints is something that I have struggled with often simply because I have wanted to be sure to do it right, quality printing is at the top of the list really and I have a lab in mind that I think will handle it well. Another thing I have tried to decide upon is editions which I am almost certain that I have been over thinking.

At any rate, at some point this week I will be posting a few images I will be selling on a limited basis. Most likely only one, maybe two copies of them will be made in this first edition and will be sold at a price reflecting their limited nature. I will most likely also make available some other options if you would like to help me out with this trip even in just a tiny way and I am looking at this print route as a way of trying to give back something for you support of my journey.

So keep an eye out for that, hopefully it will be an interesting experiment if nothing else, I do my best not to ask for anything in return for all these desktops outside of asking permission before using them for things other than desktops and hopefully you guys understand what I’m getting at here.

That said, I love my readers, you all give me the support and motivation to continue to do something that I really love and I am in debt to you all for giving me that. Sorry for rambling a bit here, those of you who made it this far, thanks for reading, all the best, and I will talk to you again soon with more details.

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Four Shots




Fuji 100 polaroids, shot with a hasselblad with polaroid back.

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Blue Ridge

Shot this off the side of the road outside of a car window on the way home from a job. I just missed the peak moment to take a photo there it seems so its pretty dark and a little noisy so I softened it up a good bit, as you can see. It has been so long since I posted some kind of nice landscape type nature shot for a desktop that I thought I would toss this one up for those of you in need.

To download the full version simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the attached zip containing the wallpaper and enjoy!

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Wooden Walls



I was out for a bike ride today and took a break next to a lake and on the edge of the lake was this old shed with these beautiful wooden walls and I immediately knew they would make for a really nice textured desktop image and luckily I had my camera bag on so I pulled out the 5D and here we go, something to share with everyone.

To download the full versions of these simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to grab the attached zip. Also in the folder you will find the terms of use which basically state there there is no commercial use of these images without my prior consent. Thanks for you understanding and support and enjoy!

To whom it may concern,



• Enjoy the images! It’s a labor of love, thanks for your support!
• Share fiftyfootshadows.net with friends.
• Send me a quick mail if you are interested in using an image for commercial or personal use other than wallpaper.


• Post desktops elsewhere online.
• Share links directly to images.
• Pass them around in mass.
• Make prints.
• Use images for web banners or graphics. (send a quick email to ask, I’m pretty easy going about this with permission.)
• Use them in commercial work.

If you help me out with these I will be able to keep doing what I love to do. Thanks again, really, for your support and understanding. -J


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I ask that you refrain from using any images found on fiftyfootshadows.net to create physically printed material of any kind. This includes posters, photographic prints, fliers, etc. Under no circumstances may you make a physical reproduction without written permission.

These rules also apply for any artwork or imagery submitted and shown within this site which was created by an artist aside from myself. Any images submitted and shared as wallpapers are the property of the artist who created them and in the same manner as my images, you are asked to receive permission before using them in any way aside from their intended use. Any use of these images outside of for your own personal use as a desktop wallpaper image is prohibited without permission from the author of the image. Commercial licensing is available upon request. Please write with any inquiries.

When sharing images via your personal blogs I kindly ask that you link back directly to either the post the image was taken from or the base of the website at www.fiftyfootshadows.net and give a credit to www.fiftyfootshadows.net. Do not re-post full resolution desktop images anywhere without permission. If you would like to use an image for your blog background or something of the sort simply write to ask first. Support the artwork you admire! Also, it is greatly appreciated if you do NOT link directly to the zip files. This is more or less the same as re-posting them as it circumvents the tiny bit of support I ask of you which is to simply link back to the original post for others to enjoy the site.

It’s not fair to artists if you do not credit their work and link back to the original content creator. It is theft plain and simple and blogs that attempt to somehow be mysterious by not giving credit to the creators are simply hurting the artistic community as a whole. If you love it so much then please, support it! The artistic community on the Internet is based on trust. Without trust then what do we have? are you going to be one of the responsible users out there or will you be among the bottom feeders, stealing content and passing it off as your own to make a quick buck in ad sales.

Use your best judgement and we will get along just fine.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

John Carey (curator, owner)