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Time for some new desktops I would say right? This afternoon I found these waiting to be shot in the light of the setting sun coming through a window so that rich yellow color was simply the light of the sun. While I realized later in post that I shot them at too high of an ISO so the dark shadows were covered in ugly digital noise I darkened them up a little bit to hide it so you guys wouldn’t have to look at digital noise on your desktops. Well, anyways, I still thought they were nice enough to share with everyone so here you go. Some fresh apples for your desktop. To download the images in their desktop sized goodness simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the attached zip file which also contains the terms of use for you to read over. No commercial use without checking with me first, thanks and enjoy!

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On The Hi-Fi, Best Of ’09


Its that time again, time to let share some music with everyone, I dont do it nearly enough and while I do have a number of new albums I could write about I have decided to do something I have been trying to do for years and write a best of list for the year in music. For me its tricky because I am often finding new music that is older than the current year and so digging through some of my favorites I have to track down release dates to and some of them get a bit tricky because of multiple versions of smaller releases coming out. Some on this list are vinyl records that I bought this year which were re-released, or more officially released versions of self released albums or that kind of thing.. but for me this list contains nothing but albums that were released this year in whichever format that I bought it in so its close enough for me.

Well, enough of all that rambling about it, rather than the top albums of the year I have decided to go with my favorite songs of the year, I thought it may be easier for you guys to check out songs rather than entire albums right? I started with the idea of a top ten but it came down to a top 35, all different artists and it was still a tough decision to make really. I know you have probably seen a number of these lists already but hopefully everyone finds something in here that maybe they have not heard or can enjoy. I will try to write a tiny description with each song if your interested in reading my thoughts on them, otherwise, happy browsing!

Find my top 35 for ‘09 after the read more link below:


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Bokeh Holiday

Why not something for the holidays? I know its pretty simple and really to be honest, I was shooting blind here until I got something kind of fun, holding the camera up above my head and letting auto focus help me out haha… even still its got a nice warm feeling to it I thought so why not share it as a desktop? Im sure there are some of you who will appreciate it and in the spirit of posting more often here is a bit of holiday something for everyone. I have more desktops yet to come! Hope everyone has been doing well lately and is starting to settle into this time of year, still has yet to hit me really hehe. Maybe one day this week it will settle in who knows.

Anywho, to download the desktop version simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the zip and mind the terms of use hiding inside. Thanks and enjoy!

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Take a ride along side of a rickshaw first through Delhi and back again then a short bit through Jaipur which I added simply to finnish up to the end of the song. The first one, through Delhi I held my iPhone out the rickshaw as close as I could comfortably hold it to the ground but after holding it for 15 minutes my hand kept cramping up so its a bit jerky. I thought about stabilizing it but I sort of like it the way it is, a bit more chaotic. Its a little longer than the other little videos I have made but I still enjoy it and thought I would share here. The music is Beck singing Velvet undergrounds song Run Run Run from his record club project and I found it to be pretty fitting. Enjoy!

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This was taken after spotting it off the side of the road, I pulled off at the nearest safe spot as the roads were coated in ice and snow at this point in time but I am pretty happy I did. There was something nice about this old sign that has been there long enough to completely loose all of its vital information other than the fact that the land is available. Maybe I could buy it and set up a little house in the middle and let it be over taken by all the kudzu vines. You can see the texture of falling snow if you look close. Oh, and yep its a desktop, see below for a link.

To download this image in full desktop size and glory simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the attached zip which also contains the terms of use that state not to use this for any sort of commercial use without my permission, thanks for visiting, enjoy!

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Winter Lake



I know these are a bit dark but thats just because the sun had already set and I really had to run around the lake to get to these spots before it was totally dark outside. This and it was snowing heavily at that point and the wind was freezing me. All in all it was an impromptu shoot as I was driving back home form a job site in crazy snowy/icy road rush hour traffic heh. In other words I didn’t have much time to think about the shots, I just sort of took them and hoped for the best. The poor 5D was totally covered in snow and water when I hopped back into the car but it has survived worse. So they did not come out totally horrible, just a bit soft because I was shooting at a wide aperture to compensate for the fact that I had no tripod in that dark weather but I decided to share them anyhow for those of you in the mood for a moody photo of a snowy lake.

To download the full size images simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE and grab the attached zip file containing all three of them as well as the terms of use which simply state that you should not use these for commercial use without my consent. Thanks and enjoy!

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Winter Light

The fiftyfootshadows version of christmas lights, aka. another random, short low quality video that I played with until something interesting happened. Not to much trickery though, just a clip I shot with my phone while driving down the street through a bunch of big balls of christmas lights. I was told that the music I chose was scary but it fell together well with the timing of everything so I’m going to stick with it heh, enjoy.

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Summer Inside Winter


New desktop! It’s been a while right? Early this morning I woke up to go shoot a photo for the our window project and took a number of nice photos as the sun rose over a lake at a park nearby. In the photo that one bokeh circle there under the glow of the sun is the reflection of the sun on the lake, it was really beautiful out and I have quite a few more images I will turn into desktops from this little shooting venture so keep an eye out for more

To download the desktop size version of this simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to grab the attached zip file with the desktop inside, the terms of use are also inside which pretty much just ask that you not use this image for any commercial use without my permision. Thanks, and enjoy!

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