Forest Through The Trees


I know this is not particularly anything new in the photography world but as I was driving back through the mountains after some work I had this fog had settled in a valley around a big waterfall and I simply had to take advantage of these beautiful trees and get a couple of nice desktop images out of it. I thought this touch of yellow and blue added something nice to the feeling these have. I also shot a few film photos while I was there and they are being developed today so hopefully some more photos to share soon!

To download the full desktop image simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the zip containing both the images and the terms of use, no commercial use please!

ALSO! I LOVE all of you who have been helping out and posting links here to the site, your help is what keeps me going and helps spread the word of 50ft and what I am doing here but could I ask one little favor of you all who are sharing images? I certainly don’t mind the occasional use of an image as a tumblr or blog background and I certainly dont mind when you repost images around in your blogs but if you link back to a specific desktop could you do me a favor and link back to the permalink page where you can download the desktop rather than linking directly to the .zip file?

I am not going to go around policing the web or anything but your understanding would be pretty helpful :) I love my readers and I love that you guys help me out and the reason I use zips are to help push people in the sites direction so if you could help me out by doing that in the future I would be very much grateful, thank you(!) and I hope you continue to enjoy what I do around here.

Tiny Canvas


Those of you who have been following the site for a while know that I like to divide my activity on the web out into different places rather than stick every little thing into one blog. For the most part, I do this to keep the content focused on the various sites I try to keep up.

You Disappear, which is WAY overdue for a bunch of new albums I have discovered since my last post, is for my love of quiet music. Flickr is used to be part of that community and share photos on a more regular basis, more of my film work is usually posted over there. Drifting Through is my tumblr page for random discoveries and bits of creative inspiration. Twitter I use for slightly more personal snips of daily life and is the closest to a facebook type update page as you will see from me as facebook for some reason just seems weird to me heh. Fiftyfootshadows is my home and is a place to post desktops, share stories, and talk about photography from time to time. Expect a design refresh as well as a couple of new features and ideas to come into light here soon. There is also a project that I have been working on for a few months now with another photographer and I will post more on that soon as I am nearly done with a redesign for that site as well.

So at any rate, the reason for my writing here today is simply to announce officially to the 50ft readers another little corner for me to hide things in on the internet. An additional tumblr page called Tiny Canvas. As you may remember I recently posted a bunch of pretty nice images from my trip to India which I took with my iPhone and it was then that I realized that it was a pretty fun, viable source of capturing photos during the moments in my every day life that may have gone unnoticed. I have talked about starting up a photo blog for iPhone photography and I finally got around to setting one up and have started adding to it. I decided to use tumblr for it because it is super easy to post to with my phone and any one else using tumblr can follow me there pretty easily as well or simply use the RSS feed to follow along. I’m sure some of you will find it fun or interesting to dig through from time to time. Heres a link again, incase you missed it.

While I have your attention, does anyone out there know of a service online that could pull together my activity on the web through RSS feeds and display them on one site together? Like a John Carey hub online to make it easy for anyone interested to just get everything I do online in one convenient package. I’ve been looking for a decent solution for a while now but have not come up with anything just yet. Thanks :)


While waiting for a train in India I recorded this moment with my iPhone where so much happened in such a short time. A cow walking by, vendors pushing carts, someone walking down the tracks, not to mention all of the various people in the windows and doors of the train. It was just perfect. So I slowed the whole thing down to take it all in slowly and I find it pretty hypnotizing.







Who knew dust could be so interesting to take photos of? Actually, its something I have wanted to try and capture for a while, the essence of those tiny specks of dust floating about in a ray of light and had just such an opportunity yesterday while staying with my brother in Memphis. I took some obvious liberties with the color which is something I don’t do too often but I tried to do it tastefully. Im pretty happy with the way they came out, hope you enjoy them as a desktop as much as I had fun trying to shoot thousands of dust particles floating through the air.

To download these images simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the attached zip file. Inside you will find all of the images above in a nice wallpaper size that should work for most anyone as well as the terms of use which in essence state that these are for your personal use only and can not be used in any sort of commercial sense outside that of your personal desktop wallpaper. Thanks for visiting and ENJOY!

Five Questions

I was asked recently to answer five questions focusing on my gear and technique as a photographer. I Had fun answering the questions and thought I would share a link for you guys here for those of you interested in knowing a little more about my approach, my gear and my desires as a photographer. It was a nice way to start the new year, giving myself some time to think about what will come next.

Here is the link

Ten Hearts


I took this photo at a coffee shop the other day simply because I loved the odd mug I was handed. Used the shiny black table and lights of the shop to create what I immediately figured would become a fun desktop to post. The lens used is not my typical 50mm, rather its an old 35mm that I sold to my brother a couple of years ago and miss so much after using it this week that I think I will be selling here on the site and wherever else I can post it for sale so keep an eye out if your interested. Its not a cheap lens but as you have seen around here it can take some great photos heh. Right, as for the desktop..

To download the full size version of the cups here simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the attached zip file which also contains the terms of use so you know that the image is for your personal desktop wallpaper needs only without my permission otherwise. Its tricky keeping track of images these days so I can only hope everyone does their part to help me out with this so I can continue to do this for years to come. Hmmm, I wonder why I don’t put together a book? Why did I not realize that until just now. Anyone who bothered to read this far, any thoughts on that?

In The Mix



Pretty similar shots here I realize but I know everyone has slightly different taste or opinions on what they want to use on their desktop so I figured I would give you a few different options again. My music gear desktop shots have always been pretty popular so I decided to shoot my Rane DJ mixer in the light of the morning and the result was pretty nice I thought so here they are for all to see. Not much more to say than that this time around. To download the full version desktops SIMPLY CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the attached zip containing the images and terms of use. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

One Shot

This was a small box of a shop on the side of a small street in Jaisalmer and one of my favorite portraits from the trip. I had to shoot pretty quick so they would not get uncomfortable as they already looked confused after sticking my light meter in front of them. I framed it a little low but I like that you can see the space around the tiny shop on the edges of the frame. It seems to give it a subtle sense of what your looking at.

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