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At Lunch

Its not to horribly obvious that I have trouble naming desktops sometimes is it? I shot this randomly at lunch one day this week while eating some really tasty Korean Porridge. I have been trying to shoot images in a lighter sort of a way and rather than my usual stop or so of underexposure I have been pushing it the other direction. I will admit that I tooled around in photoshop a bit with this one but I like the way it came out here so I don’t mind admitting it.

To download the desktop version of this simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the zip containing the image and terms of use. I appreciate you stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!

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Within the first couple of days here in Seoul a little snow storm found its way to our path one night and the cheap transparent umbrella you see here was a shield from the bitter cold wind of the night blowing snow into our faces. Finding it a perfect opportunity for a nice desktop shot I pulled out my damp 5D and snapped a few photos imagining it would make a nice image to share with everyone and sure enough it came out nicely. My time here has been great, I have been staying pretty busy so and I feel like I am starting to get to a point where the training wheels can come off. Its a great city full of a million and a half cute little coffee shops and cafes which is apparently quite trendy around here and its great. its an unexpected thing to find in Korea of all places. I hope to write more as time goes on, my internet connections have been pretty temperamental but hopefully I can get that sorted out and post regularly here. I have sort of half of the internet at the moment, through some roundabout networking tricks but hey, works well enough till it can get fixed.

To download the desktop/wallpaper version of this simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the zip containing the desktop and the terms of use. I would appreciate any links back here link directly to posts or the main page of the site, thanks for that! I appreciate the ongoing support and I hope to write again soon!

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Sean Roux

I am writing up this post for a couple of reasons. One, to share a few shots from a recent photo shoot that I had the opportunity to have recently with musician Sean Roux. He wanted a classic, casual look to the photos so we shot nearly entirely on my Hasselblad which I love shooting with and we got some really great images from the session. We used nothing but natural lighting in a few casual scenarios around in his daily life and I am really happy with the way they came out. Thanks for the opportunity and permission to share them here with everyone Sean!

The second reason to post this is to raise awareness that the films I used on the session apparently are in the process of being discontinued!!! Ugh! I just had the opportunity to try the fuji negative Pro color films and they are beautiful! I prefer them greatly to the Kodak Portra stuff that I had been shooting with before. And even worse, they are also going to stop making Neopan400 black and white film in 120 size! WTH is all that about? I just cant believe that, neopan400 is the only black and white film I shoot with in my Hasselblad and for good reason, its beautiful and versatile. All this news has me pretty depressed tonight really. Such is life. Well see how the situation develops. I sure am tempted to get a small credit card of some kind to buy up a bunch of these films to last me for a couple of years of shooting at least. Sigh, damn technology.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the photos. You can see more of them after the read more break below :)


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Away We Go

Hey everyone, I’m here now at my final destination of Seoul, Korea for those of you who may not have figured it out or known already :) It was fun writing up a post like this on the go and was an experiment of sorts. I hope that the wordpress iPhone app gets updated though because its super buggy as it is at the moment but it got the job done. I have put all of the photos and text from the post after the break so I don’t fill my front page with a bunch of silly casual iPhone photos. Look out for more photos along the time of my trip hereI think I already have a few desktop wallpaper photos lined up for use that I took yesterday. I will be here for a little over a month and will be sharing the whole way through. Thanks for reading and I will see to you again soon!


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At Last

For those following along my equipment changes you may know that a couple years ago I sold my 35mm f/1.4L Canon lens to my brother and bought two different lenses, a 24mm 1.4 and a 50mm 1.2. I sold the 24mm a while ago and it helped pay for my trip to india and buy the hasselblad and just recently after dealing with a frustrating bout with a fraudulent ebay account buying the 50mm I finally the 35 back on my 5d again. I’m not sure why I ever parted ways with it in the first place. The other lenses were great too but there was just something in the 35 that I started to really miss. I feel its really just the perfect lens for me, its not too wide and not to long its just the perfect focal length for me. The 1.4 aperture gives me more than enough play room as far as DOF is concerned and the lens is just beautifully sharp and has a little hint of a vignette when wide open which complements my style nicely. So at any rate, welcome the newest member of my photography tools family. You can look forward to seeing images from it soon I’m sure.

Now I just need to take my 5D in for a sensor cleaning, I made the mistake of getting impatient and trying to clean it myself like an idiot and its just a mess now and it shows when I’m shooting at smaller apertures. So it goes. OH and in other news, looks like I will be traveling again but more on that later ;) Pardon the lack of activity around here lately, been swamped with projects and work but that should change here pretty soon…

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