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Souldier Straps

It seems I get countless questions on what camera strap I use as its pretty bold looking. As you can see in the photo above of YoungDoo (Gave one to her to use with her 5DMKII) Its a pretty sturdy looking strap. They are actually made from seatbelt material and are available in any color you could want. They are hand made to order and incredibly sturdy and trustworthy. There is an optional padding you can get added to the center of the strap that is a rather bland looking grey color but it does a great job of holding your camera in place and adding a small amount of extra padding if your carrying around a heavy camera.

The company that makes the straps is based out of Chicago and is called Souldier. Some of you may recognize them from a popular photography blog/store called Photojojo which sells a few colors from their shop but I would suggest buying straight from the source on Souldier’s website where you have well over twice the color selection than Photojojo carries and the option to add padding to the strap. The company also sells all sorts of other types of wonderful vintage looking straps for both cameras and guitars and really I cant recommend them enough for those of you looking for a nice strap for your camera.

You can visit their website by clicking here or visit the shop page for the seatbelt straps here (which is located in the 2“ strap section).

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A quick, simple desktop today. This was a Canon Canonet QL-17 that YoungDoo bought while I was in Seoul. The view is from my apartment window which I miss having! I know there are plenty of readers who love cameras as much as I do so I thought there would be at least a few people around who would enjoy this. To download the desktop at full resolution, including resolutions for iPads and iPhones simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download a zip file with them all inside.

iPad visitors tap here to download the image directly onto your device.

iPhone visitors tap here.

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One Shot/Note

Quick note as well, while I am writing a post here. I have noticed a huge increase in traffic lately here to the site and its motivated me to pick up my plans to refresh the design of the site as well as introduce a few refinements on how things flow so I can build for a better future here on the site. I have the design mostly done, just needs some tweaking then coding it into place so wish me luck with that. Hopefully I can get things in place over the next couple of weeks for that and launch sometime next month. I just wanted to make note of that upcoming transition because I am pretty excited about it. In the mean time, I have plenty of nice wallpapers lined up for release and I will do my best to keep them coming in the coming weeks as work starts to pick up during the spring rush. I also have a new music post coming which will include a Spring music mix for everyone, something I would like to turn into a monthly or seasonally available thing. At any rate, thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon!

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Finally, A Taste Of Spring







Oh yes, Spring has finally arrived after what seemed like a winter that would never end. While I have sort of hit the ground running after getting back from Seoul I managed to sneak outside to snap a few new photos for everyone one sunny afternoon. Nothing too groundbreaking here but I thought some of you would appreciate a nice fresh desktop for the season. I will try my best to get out there and shoot some more to celebrate the return of the sun and the green but hopefully you can find something here to enjoy.

I have included seven different images, all of which have iPad and iPhone versions! All of this can be downloaded at once in a zip file. To make things easy for you iPad visitors I have included direct links for you which can be accessed by clicking through the “read more” link. Then simply touch the image you would like to get for your device and touch and hold the larger version that loads and save it to your device. Due to the large amount of images in this post I will have to ask iPhone users to use the zip to access the files and sync them with your phone from your computer. (if you need them otherwise let me know and I can add quick links to them here as well)

To download the zip containing all of the images here in all formats simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the zip which also contains the terms of use for anyone who needs to be reminded that these images are for personal use only as your wallpaper. Just a simple mail is all it takes to inquire about other uses of the images. Thanks for your support, stay tuned for more images in the near future. I have a lot planned for the site this year!


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One Shot


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Mnml Beach


Here is a couple for all you minimal desktop lovers out there, and I know your out there. It’s my last day here in Seoul and I am pretty sad about it but wanted to take a second to post a new desktop because it may be a few days before I have the chance again. I took this during a short but great trip to the beach yesterday. It was a bit chilly so we nearly had the place to ourselves and it was wonderful. I even found a sand dollar and was pretty excited about that! YoungDoo found one before I did but I broke it while trying to take a shot, THIS shot here actually, of the light bulb which was randomly washed up on the beach here. Actually, it was the second bulb I found. Strange, I know. So the next time you hear from me I will be back in the states and getting back to work, living life, and trying to figure out what will come next for me.

To download the desktops above in deskop, iPad, and iPhone sizes simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download a zip containing all of them as well as a handy terms of use which clearly and simply states that these images are not for commercial use without my permission, only use them for your wallpapering needs please! Thanks for the ongoing support and I will see you again soon!

iPad visitors click here for direct access to the first image and here for the second image

iPhone visitors click here for direct access to the first image and here for the second image

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A bit dark this time but thats just because this was shot in a dirty little alley somewhere in Seoul. I still loved the center weight in the photo that has these random holes within it which contradict that strong element. Interestingly, this was somewhat challenging to crop as an ipad wallpaper because I had to decide how much of the other elements would appear in that version. I decided to make one ipad version and push the white box off center in order to give more of a sense of the space around it rather than cropping it dead center. This is the kind of example I think of when I realize that cropping wallpapers for the ipad is not as simple as randomly chopping them down into a square. Its tempting to use a program or action that just chops images into that format but I would end up with a bunch of nice looking images that dont really work ideally with the ipads wallpaper scheme. I find that it is totally worth the extra effort that it takes to make the images work well on all devices I make them available for. There are plenty of faceless wallpaper sites cropping up all over the place so I do what I can to keep things as high quality as possible so all of my readers can expect only the best that I can manage to give. Its how I have done it for 6 years now and I will continue to do my best to keep your wallpapering needs fulfilled… and I love every minute of it. :)

So anyways, I think at this point this transition into the new resolution and formats has been settled and I will try not to ramble on about it like this again. To download the zip containing both desktop versions as well as iPad and Iphone crops simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to gram it. Also inside are my terms of use which are straight forward enough. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

iPad visitors click here for direct download to your device.

iPhone visitors click here.

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While traveling some here in korea we took a day trip to an island called Seokmo which had a wonderful buddhist temple hiding among the mountains on the island. During our time there we made a short stop at a small traditional tea house and shared a cup of jujube tea which was unlike any tea I had had before. A bit thick and rich and naturally sweet. I shot this when we were nearly done with the cup as we were rushing out to catch a bus to another part of the island. The plate behind the cup was full of roasted chestnuts. Yum.

To download the high resolution wallpaper image along with images cropped for the iPhone and iPad SIMPLY CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download a zip which also contains my terms of use. You may not re-host or copy these images on any other wallpaper sites or use them for any commercial purposes without my consent and if you want to share them please do so but please link back to this post or the site directly, thanks so much for the support and understanding and enjoy the desktop!

iPad visitors wallpaper direct link

iPhone visitors wallpaper direct link

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Our Window


For the past 6 months or so I have been working on a photography project with fellow photographer, YoungDoo Moon. The idea is described best in the little bio that I wrote for the project:

“OUR WINDOW began in September 2009 when YoungDoo Moon and John Carey started to create a weekly photographic diptych hoping to find serendipitous discoveries where two visions colided into one.

Once a week each photographer submited a photo based on a pre-determined theme unaware of what the other had shot. The two photos were then combined to discover an often beautiful connection found in both the concept and vision each photographer brought to the idea. While they started the project as a way to get to know each other in a unique way YoungDoo and John continue to work on the collaboration for the love of the art and the unexpected connections that are created within it.

Our Window is an ongoing series which can be seen on the official website of the project, www.ourwindow.net, and this is the first exhibition of photographs from the series.”

Its been a wonderful experience and we have had a lot of fun working on it. While we have taken a small break in posting while I have been here in Korea with her we will get back to regular posting soon I’m sure. I feel that the series has just begin and I am looking forward to seeing where it ends up in another 6 months and hopefully we will build a book from many of the images eventually.

The other big news around the idea and the reason for posting is that together with YoungDoo we are having a small exhibition on friday here in seoul at a fantastic french bakery here featuring nine images from the series. The opportunity sprung out of nowhere and we have jumped right on it and have printed up postcard flyers and the photo prints are being framed nicely now. The opening will be this friday and there will be food and drinks for those who come.

The website for the project is sort of half way done but it works well enough for now but hopefully we will get that updated this week before the opening but you can click through the photos to see what we have done so far. I have included the postcard here after the read more link as well for those interested or if any readers are living in Seoul and want to come out and say hello!


To whom it may concern,



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If you help me out with these I will be able to keep doing what I love to do. Thanks again, really, for your support and understanding. -J


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Use your best judgement and we will get along just fine.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

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