Going Home


I thought I would go ahead and spread some more wallpaper joy into the world and post another couple of images for everyone. I have actually posted another shot of this way back in the twistedsun days for those of you who have followed through the years, you may recognize it. I know they are really similar but as I often do around here I put up a couple of versions for those of you with different needs or taste. Also, I hope you guys enjoy these somewhat classic 50ft type shots, I know many of you really enjoy the more nature leaning imagery and I am happy to help out with your secret nature lust desires.

To download these images simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the high res images as well as ipad and iphone cropped images. Oh, and the terms of use which will let you know all about how you shouldn’t be using these images for any commercial use without my permission.

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For You



I went out to my favorite lake nearby for the first time in a while with the intention of shooting around for new images to post and came back with a little more than I had expected. The next day I discovered that, for the first time in my life, I had come down with a bit of poison ivy rash, on my forehead and arm of all places. I guess crawling around in the plants and dirt to get those low angle shots I like to get at times finally came back to bite me. Maybe its time I invest in one of those handy right angle viewfinder adaptors that lets me look down from above the camera rather than sticking my face in the ground.

At any rate, I wanted to shoot a few shots for all of you minimal image lovers out there as it seems to be a wave of people looking for such imagery for their wallpapering needs. I feel like I have always taken a pretty minimal approach to composing images for desktop wallpapers which has affected my approach to photography in general over the years, not in a bad way really, just in a way that lead me to be fairly minimal minded when I compose a shot. I try to give the subject as much breathing room as I can. I know its a pretty singular approach that is not always appropriate but its something that everyone seems to enjoy so I have stuck with it over the years. At least with my photography geared toward wallpaper use that is.

In other news, sorry for the lack of updates lately, I have plenty to post around, just have not found the time to get new images up. I hope to get a good amount of work done on the design/coding part of the new layout here on 50ft today and tomorrow while I have free time without work, I don’t much feel like going anywhere anyways what with this itchy face and all haha…

To download these images as high res desktop downloads simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download a zip containing not only the desktop versions but the iPad and iPhone crops as well as the terms of use which clearly state that redistributing these images or using them for commercial profit is not allowed without my permission.

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(Also: I ended up writing out some basic ideas for any new photographers that may be reading and are interested in some simple ideas on approach and method while shooting. Its really not too elaborate or detailed and may be boring for my average reader or anyone who already knows plenty about photography. I have, however gotten a number of readers asking about learning more about photography and how to better themselves as photographers so I thought it may be appropriate to talk a little about it. Follow the read more link for more.)


One Shot

(P.S. I have been recovering from a busy week but I will have more for you around here soon.)

Hasselblad Sunset

I have spent my day recovering from a weekend that felt all too long cleaning up a few things, getting caught up with a few emails here and there, and messing about with my iPad by reading up on some leica M series history. Its been a cool rainy day which is a welcome thing in my opinion and I wanted to take a few minutes to post a new wallpaper for everyone. I am still pulling from images taken while I was in Seoul and I was looking forward to getting this one up to share. For the inner camera geek in all of you. In the next day or two I hope to get around to posting a few more “mnml” beach photos for all of you who seemed to love those so very much so keep an eye out for that. Things are still slowly moving along on the 50ft updates here on the site and hopefully I will be able to roll out some great new things by the end of the month. I hope everyone has been doing well and till next time….

Download the hi-res desktop, iPad, and iPhone versions all at once simply by CLICKING OR RIGHT CLICKING HERE to grab a zip containing all of them as well as the handy terms of use. Please be patient with me when it comes to emails, I do my best to reply within a couple of days but sometimes things get busy and I get distracted but I will write back!

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50ft Radio Volume One


Well, the time has come and I finally have a new music post for everyone. I have been juggling a few different ideas for where to take the music side of 50ft and I plan on continuing to post more recent favorite albums as I have for a long time now but I would like to introduce something new into the mix and start releasing mixes for readers to discover some great new music and hear a bit of what I have been listening to lately. I have been making mix tapes for friends as long as I can remember, its something that I love to do and sometimes spend weeks compiling a good mix of songs slowly tweaking the ebb and flow of how they work as a whole and this is no exception. I started out simply wanting to make a spring mix to share but it sort of took a turn somewhere and took a life of its own.

The music I have assembled here ended up with a feeling of, lets say, organic exploration… Music that felt warm to me in some way either lyrically or sonically that conjures up some sense of peacefulness within an adventure. This is music for a day deep in the woods or standing on the edge of a canyon looking out into the empty world below, its music for road trips and the beginning of the warm months of the year with birds and cricket sounds sneaking through behind the melodies or, if you are not out exploring, hopefully it will allow you to close your eyes and imagine being somewhere where the wind blows at your back and the sun or moon lights the way forward. It’s a little sad, a little hopeful, a little meandering, its music for the coming of summer.

So anyway, all rambling in an attempt to describe something impossible to describe aside I hope you guys enjoy it. Its a bit of an experiment really and hopefully my servers wont cry too much under the weight of making a bigger file available for readers but feel free to let me know what you think in the comments if you get a chance to listen to it through.

To listen to the mix click here and enjoy! Track list is included in the zip.

A note on the format: I have made the format of the file an AAC file which has been created as an enhanced file for ipod/touch/phone/tunes (or other supported players). The ‘enhanced’ bit refers to the fact that it is one audio file that contains chapter markers and artwork that changes as you listen through it. I have released it as one single audio file because this music is here to share with readers as friends in the same way I would share a mix tape, I am not here to distribute songs to you and therefore am not going to be making individual songs available to anyone. If you like some of the music on here simply look up the artist or song and spend a dollar to support the music you enjoy :)

Still Waiting

I have noticed a few shots with my 35mm a hint of Chromatic Abrasion which I did not have on my previous copy of the lens, a little frustrating at times but I have been able to manage it so far. Thinking of sending the lens off at some point to get it calibrated and see if that helps. Anyways, here is another shot from Seoul, a lonely bike waiting to be used again. No idea why the plastic bag on the seat because there was no sign of rain that day and while I wish the car behind the bike wasn’t parked there I still like the shot a lot and I am happy to share it with you as a wallpaper. In other news, the 50ft site refresh is about to enter the coding phase, one step closer to launch. I have a lot of work to do for it and have plenty of fun things yet to come so stick around for that.

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Random little update: here is a shot of me taking this photo.

Written On The Sky

Once again pulling my title from something already written, this is the title of a song by Max Richter and the music seemed to fit the image all to well. There was a huge metal wall in Seoul that was painted like a sky and I could not help but see a great wallpaper image hiding inside of it. That and a perfect place for a portrait. To download the image in its high resolution wallpaper size simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to download the zip which also happens to contain the iPad and iPhone versions as well as the terms of use.

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Perfect Speed

“You will begin to touch heaven, Jonathan, in the moment that you touch perfect speed. And that isn’t flying a thousand miles an hour, or a million, or flying at the speed of light. Because any number is a limit, and perfection doesn’t have limits. Perfect speed, my son, is being there.“ – From Jonathan Livingston Seagull

To download the high res wallpaper simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE to get a zip file containing the desktop version, iPad version and iPhone version as well as the handy terms of use to let you know all about what you are agreeing to when you download my imagery. I would appreciate any one who posts images from 50ft to please link back here directly to the site, no re-hosting of my imagery is allowed. Thanks for understanding and enjoy!

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