One Shot

As I mentioned in a post before, I went on a short backpacking trip and while I was there shot a few rolls on my Hasselblad. I have developed half of them, the other couple are slide film and have to mail it off or drive it an hour or so to a place that will develop 120 slide film. Until then though I have a couple of rolls of negative film scanned in and found a number of nice shots hiding in there.

This table was left behind, and freshly made from the looks of it, by a scout troop most likely. Typically they should take down things like this that are built but for some reason they left it up and so I went ahead and used it for the three days I was in the valley there. It was great to have a place to prepare food that wasn’t the ground! A nice surprise that made a nice camping trip even better.

I will have more shots posted each day on flickr. (which has a great new layout for viewing photos!)


I cant remember ever putting up a desktop with such feminine colors but when I was going through some images from korea looking for a new desktop to post I came across this and thought it would be great to do something a bit different. I remember this well, actually. I was wandering around inside a Uniqlo clothing store and after not really finding anything for myself I started sneaking in some photos of things here and there. This mannequin was perfectly lit for an interesting shot so here we are a couple months later with a new desktop to share. Surely there are those of you who will appreciate something like this. While posting a bunch of easily enjoyed nature photos is fun sometimes I do like to change things up when I can.

I want to take a second again ;) and thank all of the new visitors who have taken time to write me or leave comments here to let me know you are enjoying what I do with the site. Im trying not to sound too redundant here but I really am thankful for my readers and the support they give me. In an internet full of faceless blogs and sites randomly pulling together images for wallpaper use I’m happy to be able to provide something a little more personal than that. Hopefully the planned updates I have for this summer will help the site grow in a great new direction in the future.

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In The Woods

I randomly decided to disappear into the woods for a couple of nights last week and took a bunch of photos with my Hasselblad and XA2. The little mini backpacking trip was wonderful and besides all the humidity and bugs, I had the valley to myself that I was in and it was really great to get away from things for a bit, take some photos, and just breathe. I left with a belly full of dehydrated foods, river water, a clear mind, and a few rolls of film exposed so Im looking forward to see if I got anything good. I will get them all developed next week, until then, I also snapped a handful of photos with my iPhone, messing about with a new app to see what it could do. Its nice really, but pretty much the same as the rest, a bunch of gimmicky filters thats fun for snapshot stuff like this but pretty shallow overall. It was really overcast and cloudy and the threat of heavy rain was around every corner while I was out so it was a bit dark in a lot of these still, hope you enjoy them. I will get some new desktops up this week, promise! (a new 50ft radio is on its way too!)

Follow the read more link for the rest of the photos…


Mnml Beach Redux



Seeing as the pervious minimal beach shots were so popular I went back to photos of that day at the beach in Korea and dug up a few more images for everyone. While I was not too happy with them overall I think there are plenty of you out there who may enjoy some cloudy day beach photos. We could use a reminder that the ocean should be big, blue and beautiful considering the sad mess down in the gulf. Not too much to say outside of that this time around, simply wanted to take the chance to get these up for everyone to enjoy.

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The Daily Grind

Well, I am slowly coming down from this weird poison ivy/oak setback and feeling a bit better. The problem I was having with it was it was really hard to concentrate on anything when my arms felt so unbearably itchy, not to mention my fingers and other odd spots around on my body. Thankfully the steroids I am on seem to be having at least some effect and the symptoms are slowly fading. So personal chatter aside, I have a few images around that I have been waiting to toss up as desktops and I thought I would start simple with this one here, an easy quick shot from a market in Seoul. I would also like to mention, at risk of repeating myself, that I am still working hard at getting the new site design and features underway. It’s been slow moving but I am doing my best to fit it all into my life between other work.

I would like to take a second and say that I really appreciate everyone who has left comments and written me these past few weeks and if I have not gotten back to you yet, don’t worry I will, I promise! I just need to find a nice free day to get caught up with messages and mails. I hate falling behind on that because I love my readers, you guys are the reason I keep pushing forward with all of this.

To download the little zip of wallpapers and terms of use simply CLICK OR RIGHT CLICK HERE. I would like to quickly point out something interesting I have noticed lately and that is seeing my images pop up on at least a dozen or so odd new iPad wallpaper sites that have popped up out of the blue. People mulling about taking the best of the wallpaper images out there and putting them into blogs and collections to make it easy to discover great new imagery while hitching a bit of profit from ads. It was unexpected to see the sudden wave of these sights pop up and use my images but its getting hard to keep track of where they are popping up so I ask this of all you bloggers and image collectors redistributing my images around:

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