One Shot

twilight in the desert

No desktop for now, I don’t have time this morning to get all of the files ready but I did want to share something new as I continued traveling. This was from White Sands national monument in New Mexico. The sun had left the sky and we were wandering the dunes taking wonderful dark photos in the dim light of the beautiful afterglow of the desert in twilight. It was a wonderful day despite the fact that I had only slept for three hours in a parking lot the night before and driven all day to get there. Im very much looking forward to the rest of this trip, I can’t wait to see what else we discover.

Up And Over

up and over

I am currently sitting in my favorite coffee shop in Memphis, Otherlands, with my brother and YoungDoo and after a rash of taking a whole bunch of photos here in the beautiful light of a big window I wanted to take some time to post a new desktop. On the way here we took the scenic route and drove through a piece of the Blue Ridge parkway to get some nice fall shots and it was a beautiful cloudy day in the mountains. As I dug through my photos I decided on this as a pretty clear and obvious choice for a nice fall wallpaper image. Simple and classic. Tomorrow morning we are hitting the road again and heading west.

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Armed To The Teeth


Finally, a photo that I’m positive that no one will ask to have a desktop made of! Sorry for the quality here, its just my iphone camera in my dark bedroom tonight while getting together gear for the trip. We are heading out tomorrow afternoon if all goes according to plan. We are heading straight west and sort of seeing how things play out money wise before we solidify our plans. Making it up as we go along really, exactly how a road trip should be heh.

So this is most of the photo gear we will have with us while we are out traveling around and I thought plenty of readers would love to see what kind of gear will be coming with us on the trip. The photo is pretty much divided down the middle here. The stuff on the left is mine and the stuff over on the right is YoungDoo’s. Whether or not I will use all that film has yet to be seen. I will be surprised if I get through half of it but I decided better safe than sorry really. It’s about half the stock I have here at home.

I think the next reasonable thing to do would be to list out all of the wonderful toys we have here to use while exploring the U.S. so anyone wondering what any particular thing is so I will sort of work my way left to right (top to bottom) in a never ending list of cameras, lenses and film and leave you to match them up in your head to the best of your ability. Maybe I will toss it over on flickr and fill the image with annoying box labels, well see.

On the left: Voigtlander R3M, cleaning cloth, card reader, Canon 14mm f/2.8L lens, 5D with 35mm f/1.4L, extra batteries, blower, Manfroto 190XProB tripod, Olympus XA, Hasselblad 501CM with 80mm 2.8 lens and extra 120 back, Sekonic L-358 light meter. The film up there on the left side, (35mm) Neopan 100 , Neopan 400, FujiPro400H, (120) slightly expired Neopan 400, FujiPro160S, FujiPro400H, Provia100, and a few rolls of interesting looking “retro” 80s Rollei B&W film made by Agfa that I have never used.

On the Right: A bag of all sorts of films YD brought along, Canon Speedlight 580EXII (we also have a lighting stand and umbrella for this to play with), Canonet, Holga, Eximus ultra wide, Canon 24-70 f/2.8L, Canon 85mm f/1.8, 5DmkII with a 50mm f/1.4, and a Lensbaby Composer with the double glass optic inside.


Can You hear Me?

can you hear me?

I was just looking through the images in Aperture from the past month or two and realized I have built up a number of great photos that would fit well around here as wallpaper images. I would love to start posting more but still have been very busy with work and spending time with YoungDoo while she is here. We will be leaving this weekend for our grand road trip if all goes according to plan but I hope to get a couple of posts in before then. Those of you who wrote offering to get together while we are traveling, I was happy to hear from you and will write everyone back soon to let you know if we will be coming close by or not. Our plans will be loose as we set out. There has been a minor setback in the trip as a whole though as my car found it’s way into a shop bill that ended up being half the budget I had for the trip! Agh! We will sort out the implications of this and see how things go and see how far we can get but it’s still exciting all the same.

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It Takes Two


Many of you remember my trip to Seoul and the reason I traveled there was to be with YoungDoo so we could spend more time together after our trip to India. This time around she has come over to the states to spend time here with me. I have mentioned we will be traveling together on a road trip around the country and assuming my car makes it we will start north and head west and circle back around through the southwest. We have a loose idea of the general areas we will be traveling but nothing too definite. I guess I can go ahead and mention that we don’t have a large budget while traveling and any readers around the US that have suggestions for us or even get together for a drink if we are near by let me know sometime in the next couple of weeks and we will see what happens. I know its commonly thought of as a risky gesture to make but honestly, I have a lot of confidence in my readers and their non craziness ;) At any rate, I’m sure you will be seeing more about the trip soon. I also have two 50ft radio mixes to put together, two reviews, and a short article I have notes to write so hopefully there will be plenty of great things coming your way here on 50ft in the coming few months.

At any rate, the photo here was taken on my last day in Seoul, its YoungDoo and I and our all too cute matching shoes we had bought a day or two earlier. I thought It would make for a nice lighthearted image to share with everyone as a wallpaper. If you would like to have a look at some of her photography, she is really pretty amazing and I often stare at awe at her abilities, you can check out her flickr stream here.

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And Now


I can’t remember if I mentioned how much I loved the café/coffee shop culture in Seoul but it is absolutely wonderful. Their attention to detail and imagination is unmatched elsewhere I have traveled in the world. Every little shop no matter how small had a unique feel all its own and each seemed to hold a sense of pride but in this calm, understated sort of a way that is hard to describe well. Needless to say it was one of my favorite parts of my time in Korea and I could have easily spent most of my time there trying any and all interesting coffee shops that I came across.

The shop in the photo here was one of many which represented a company selling other things such as one making or selling amazing stationary, or bags, or maybe other sorts of inventive gifts and items. This one in particular represented a company called 10×10 which sells a wide manner of interesting things not only branded under their own name but other gadgets and gifts as well. This location specifically sold things relevant to travel because the coffee shop had a travel theme to it. As a testament to the level of detail in many of the café’s I, the receipts in 10x10were printed to resemble a boarding pass for an airplane. The neon here caught my eye as a wonderful centerpiece to the middle of the café and I have been meaning to get this posted as a wallpaper for months now it seems so I hope you enjoy it.

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