iPhone 5 Wallpaper Pack

Here we are again, another new Apple device and another new screen resolution to accommodate. There has been some obvious debate over the new screen size but I for one am loving the long format, it does allow a bit more screen real estate without sacrificing a comfortable feel in the hand. I hold the new phone more within my fingers rather than my palm so my thumb has more space to reach all areas of the screen but I have had no trouble using it with one hand. The feel and finish of it is pretty extraordinary, no one else on the market is making anything like this and to call it “just another iPhone” is pretty short sighted. I have a feeling that those holding that mentality are simply rebelling against the popularity of Apple in general which I can understand to some extent and of course I realize everyone has their own opinion.

How is it that for years now Apple has released laptop and desktop computers along a similar and gradual design evolution but we all expect a dramatic redesign every year with the iPhone? What would you expect it to be? A circle? Should it have mood detection and texture mapping? When did we get so spoiled, entitled, or desperate for something new all the time? Doesn’t it exhaust you never being happy with a piece of tech for more than one year? Haha, OK I digress, this has nothing to do with why you are here today, we are here to celebrate the new iPhone 5 display so lets see what we have here…

Before we get to the images I need to make things as clear as possible this go round. The terms of use can be found in a link below or in the navigation to your right, simple, plain terms. In the past with these packs I have had people take advantage of the wallpapers being in one place and discover fairly rampant theft of the images that are thrown on other ad driven sites to make a quick buck with little to no consideration of their origin. That said, here are a few simple guidelines.

• Never re-host full resolution images without permission from fiftyfootshadows.net
• Please refrain from linking directly to images, simply link back to this page.
• These images are provided for your personal use only as digital wallpaper.
• Do not make any physical reproductions of these without permission. (A shop is coming!)
• This include posting them on Instagram and pretending you took the photo with your iPhone ;)
Screenshots are fine, I encourage you to share with others in this way, I just ask that you help me out by linking back to 50ft.

Thats it! Simply read the Terms for more details and thank you so much for your understanding and support! I do my best to make 50ft as great as I can make it and it would be impossible without the support of you guys. I have an exciting roadmap lined up for the site and while I know things move slowly at times around here it will only get better in the future.

I did my best to prepare a well rounded selection of images. If you have a favorite that I left out let me know and I will see what I can do to add it to the collection. Every wallpaper from here on will be cropped to the new format. It will work with older models of iPhone as well, of course. You may also notice a few new images hiding in there that I have not made a dedicated post for yet. Just a little something fresh for you. Check back here in case any others get added from the past, otherwise I will see you here in the future for plenty more great imagery.

55mm iphone5A perfect ending iphone5After all iphone5Asdf iphone5Bananas iphone5

Between here and there iphone5Blue skies are coming iphone5Border dune iphone5Cafe noir 2 iphone5Caged iphone

Cast off iphone5Commute iphone5Daybreak iphone5Daylight was iphone5Distant iphone5

Driver iphone5Dust 3 iphone5Enjoy your life iphone5For now 2 iphone5Fracture iphone5

Going home2 iphone5Going nowhere iphone5Heading home iphone5Here we wait iphone5Hiding in the rain iphone5

Less iphone5Letting go iphone5Live iphone5Lost in sand iphone5Mnml beach pt2 iphone5

Moving up iphone5Patience iphone5Patience two iphone5Perfect speed iphone5Roadside iphone5

Say cheese iphone5Slight iphone5Solace iphone5Something old iphone5Stone iphone5

Tenganan iphone5Times two iphone5Tiny waves 1 iphone5Up and over iphone5Love locks iphone5

Notes on darkness

Notes On Darkness

I had planned on posting this earlier but felt I may as well wait to find out what the new iPhone would bring resolution wise. Of course they would give me a new resolution to crop to so I have my work cut out for me once again. From this point on any desktops posted will be with the new longer iPhone 5 resolution. This of course presents the problem of having even less image to work with as I normally shoot desktop images horizontally and with such a thin sliver or an image to work with it will be even trickier to make pleasing or functional compositions with many of my older images. In the future I will consider shooting certain things in portrait simply to have iPhone specific images based on a composition more appropriate for the iPhone. I will also make a new wallpaper pack for the new phone and have it ready on or around the launch of the new device so keep an eye out.

Anyway, all the tech talk out of the way, let’s have a look at todays desktop shall we. This was taken while in Seoul the last time in my apartment overlooking a park. I had bought this egg at a cheap market in a subway earlier that evening and was messing around with it when I thought it would be fun to shoot a few photos. This is a bit odd I realize but I thought some of you would find it fun. The egg is a simple LED night light that fades between colors. I waited until it tuned white then, snap, grabbed this photo. While the light is not really all that bright, in the black of night it was still a number of stops brighter than the objects around it so because I chose to expose to capture some of the surrounding environment the egg ended up being a solid white shape in the middle of the frame. While I typically avoid this kind of blatant over exposure of part of an image I think it adds something to the feel overall. Like a hole cut out of the scene. At any rate, enjoy and let me know if you have any trouble with the fancy new tall iPhone crop.

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If you help me out with these I will be able to keep doing what I love to do. Thanks again, really, for your support and understanding. -J


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