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Fall Is

I feel like I am always a season behind but I felt I had to get a few fall photos up before it totally vanishes. Fall is easily my favorite season. That first day  where throwing on a jacket makes sense is so comforting to me. The short days and cold nights are something I actually really love. There is something romantic in bundling up in the cold that I am drawn too. These were shot on two different occasions this fall, two out by the lake and the umbrella shot was while out on a walk and a quick rain storm blew through while YoungDoo and I were out messing about in the leaves. We sat down and waited it out in a makeshift umbrella tent. At any rate, hopefully you guys can still get into the fall spirit with these images in the little time left before the holidays settle in.

shelter from the fall in wait



A few weeks ago I had a job at a big international furniture market, more specifically at a high dollar Italian furniture maker’s showroom where we more or less temporarily installed a distributed sound system for an unveiling party. At the end of the last night we were there late removing all the cables and gear and when we finally left the building around 1:30AM we discovered the city had been swallowed whole in a heavy fog leaving us in a Silent Hill sort of setting as we loaded up our gear in the middle of a city where  wandering homeless were the only people around. The air was still and cool to the touch as we wandered back to the car to head home which was parked next to a pair of train tracks.

As fate would have it I saw the tale tell triple headlights of an oncoming train pulling in from the darkness of the fog. I grabbed the camera out of my bag and ran for a nearby bridge in time to catch a few photos of an Amtrak passenger pain silently wait to head to its next destination. It was a peaceful sort of stillness in a scene you don’t see too often so I was thankful to have my camera nearby. Of course the dark of night and lack of tripod had me shooting wide and slow leaving some of the darker areas heavier than I would have liked and an image a little noisier than most I post around here but still, I can not help but love the mood here and thought some of you may enjoy this one as a wallpaper so here we are today. Enjoy!

Gold Master

iOS 7 Wallpaper Crop GM

Now that I have that wallpaper pack out of the way I can get back to other things here on the site. Many were curious to hear more about how I settled on the resolutions I chose to use to take advantage of the “parallax” effect in Apples iOS 7.

The short answer is more or less a lot of trial and error. Before iOS 7’s official release I remember seeing a twitter message (here, then here) posted by illustrator David Lanham who had done his own testing and come up with a general rule of thumb that a 200px padding on all sides of an image would be enough to over the effect.

Given the chance to finally test it on an iPhone 5 I quickly noticed the shortcomings of this approach which was made more or less as an educated guess in the early days of iOS 7 being in developers hands. No fault to David really on this, it did make perfect sense at the time. Problem was the OS seemed to be cropping too much of the image and did not let me set a vertical adjustment when deciding how the image should sit on the screen. The 200px padding approach seems to make sense on the surface but it eats up far too much of the image in practice because of the way Apple handles the process. When cropping a wallpaper for a device I want to have as much control over the end result as possible.

As far as I know his mention of this theory was the first time it was brought up and since then has been widely adopted as being the best image size for the effect. Un-satisfied after my own testing, I took to the net in search of other opinions and came across someone that had ripped the original apple images out of the iPhone version of iOS 7. While the resolutions seemed completely arbitrarily size wise, as soon as I tested it I quickly realized it was in fact the ideal resolution.

I tested this by cropping images to Apples default wallpaper resolution then drawing a red box on top the pixel size of the iPhones screen resolution. I then loaded the resulting image into my iPhone and checked to see where the edges of the red box fell on screen. After trying a number of different cropped resolutions I discovered if I made any changes to the resolution set by apple the box would no longer line up ideally on the screen at a neutral position.

When it came to the iPad the same issues arose and while no one was out there talking about ideal iPad resolutions for parallax I was able to find someone sharing Apple’s included images online and sure enough the resolutions matched up better than any others I had tested.

All in all it seemed obvious to me that whoever at Apple was working on the effect found the ideal amount of give to the parallax panning to get a natural feel and set the dimensions of new desktop images to fit this ideal down to the pixel. Therefore, to get the most natural fit for your wallpaper images in accordance to their current programming I highly recommend you crop iPhone wallpapers to 744x1392px and iPad wallpapers to 2524x2524px.

My only question at this point is weather or not apple will end up tweaking that ratio in the future. I would imagine testing was thorough enough so that these resolutions will be just fine for a good long while.

So for all those “maybe 200px padding is best” tinkerers out there, think again. I can safely say that apples own set resolution is the clear winner for accuracy in their new iOS design.

If you are in the need of some nice wallpapers cropped, zipped and ready to roll then by all means take a look at my latest pack of wallpapers for iOS devices here.


iOS 7 Parallax Wallpaper Pack

Well, it took me a little longer than I had expected but here we go. The fiftyfootshadows parallax wallpaper pack for iOS devices running iOS 7. After quite a bit of research and trial and error I have settled on what I believe to be the optimal resolutions for iOS 7. Barring any major changes these images should leave you set for a good long while.

For those of you new to the site, welcome! These are but a small selection of what is and what will be available among these pages. This is a space endlessly growing with new imagery, stories, reviews and more. Photography, music, life. Its always been the mantra of 50ft and I don’t see any reason to slow down.

That said, this is not the first time I have made a pack like this available, in the past any time Apple has chosen to release a new device I have followed suit and produced a new pack for users of their latest tech. Also, from here on out, all new wallpapers will be updated to these modern resolutions. The iPad crops are at a resolution of 2524x2524px and the iPhone versions are 744x1392px. These were chosen based upon standards Apple has in place with their own built in wallpaper imagery. After a through amount of testing these resolutions worked the best and provided me with the most accurate results in my cropping choices. Click the follow through link for the rest.


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