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After endless testing, questions, and time considering how I should best handle it I am ready to start selling prints here on 50ft. I am really excited about it actually if you can’t tell from the tone of my voice. I have ordered my shipping supplies and will start shipping next week if all goes according to plan. I even have a gift card option for the holidays or otherwise. I have set up a page dedicated to the information here in this post for future reference but wanted to also leave this information in line here on the main site stream for those of you interested click through to learn more!

When I decided to start selling prints I knew two things for sure. I wanted to offer the best possible prints, and I wanted anything I sell on 50ft to pass through my hands before being shipped. After weighing my options I decided the only way to do this right was to buy a printer.

The only images currently available are those listed as a wallpaper image here on fiftyfootshadows. Guest images are not available for sale. There may be a few older images which, due to differing editing techniques at the time of their creation (editing at lower resolutions before taking printing into consideration) I can not print but that is a rare.

Please, see below for ordering information.


All fine art prints available on fiftyfootshadows will be printed with an Epson R3000 printer using archival inks. I have chosen Canson Rag Photographique 310 paper for all of my prints. It is a beautiful fine art paper which uses no optical brighteners that could fade over time. It has a beautifully rich Dmax (black point), surprising sharpness for an uncoated rag type paper, and a nice, understated saturation. 50ft images look beautiful on this paper. Please keep in mind that color may differ slightly from those you see on your screen.

I offer two sizes, a nice large 11×17 print or a standard print on 8.5×11 paper. The smaller print is tricky because the aspect ratio of my 35mm images is quite a bit different than the paper. I leave an approx. 0.25 inch margin on the top, left, and right sides of the page. Pardon any slight variation in the border, its quite tricky printing this way with perfect borders but after exhaustive research and money dumped in test prints I feel I have it as close as possible.

I handle all prints with cotton gloves and package them in a sturdy cardboard envelope for shipping.


Editions and Cost

Fine art print editions are strictly limited in quantity and once they are sold out they will never be reproduced in this format again. Every image will be signed, numbered, and stamped with a one of a kind stone ’50ft ‘stamp and include a small card stating its authenticity.

11″x17″ Prints are made in editions of 20 and cost $150

8.5″x11″ Prints are made in editions of 50 and cost $50

If an image sells out I will update posts with this information so if you don’t see it listed as sold out then it is most likely available.

Why limited editions? Because I want you to know that you are not getting just another anonymous print made by a bulk printing company. I have a stubborn attitude when it comes to quality checking and handling anything I sell here on 50ft myself. The price reflects the limited nature of the prints. You will own something unique that only a handful of others in the world own, an honest work of art.

Please, for my sake, treat them well.


Shipping and Handling

This was a tough call, I considered adding a shipping cost because of the cost of supplies but I am not a fan of surprises at the time of purchase so as of the time of writing, for those ordering within the U.S. shipping will be included in the cost.

International shipping simply adds $10 to the cost.

The photos are packaged with great care in quality cardboard sleeves, reinforced inside with cardboard sheets and enclosed in a clear cellophane bag to avoid damage during shipment. Every package is clearly marked not to be bent. I am not sparing any cost when it comes to shipping supplies and feel I have found a solid approach to safely getting these in your hands. You will also find a personal note and a couple of stickers inside each package.


Rather than install a shopping cart system into the site I will keep this personal and handle all orders through email, one at a time.

I have filled in the subject line for you in the link below which should read “50ft Print Order.” I will then get back to you within 24 hours to complete the order.

In the email simply let me know which print you are interested in within the content of the mail and once I receive your mail I will check on the availability of the print and send you a payment request via Paypal, please let me know if your Paypal email differs from the one you used to place the order.

Click Here to Place Your Order (Or email fiftyfootshadows at

*Please understand that due to this personal approach there may be times when a small delay will be involved depending on order volume and personal obligations. My goal is to ship your print within one week of receiving your payment*

Shipping Times

Because of the nature of selling prints this way I am not able to offer rushed shipping or next day service unless you really have a need. All photos will ship within five days or less of payment received unless mentioned otherwise during the ordering process. I am handling orders this way because I want you to know that I take every order personally and treat each with the same amount of time and respect they deserve.


I am unable to cover the cost of any images damaged during shipping. To be fair, if something does happen during shipping I am willing to work out a second print sold at cost of manufacture if you provide me with evidence of the damages. As mentioned above, I take great care in making sure the prints are packaged in sturdy packaging and mark the packages “do not bend” but you know how shipping goes sometimes.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are available for either size of print. I would be happy to make a modest card with a unique number that can be redeemed for a print of the recipients choosing. They are made by hand and mailed to you free of charge. I only ask that you redeem the print within 90 days (aprox. three months) of placing the order. To order a gift card simply click here (or email at fiftyfootshadows at and let me know which size you would like to order the card for and if it will be shipped within the U.S. or internationally and I will set it up for you and send it out!

The Future

While I kept prices about as reasonable as I felt I could and still make the idea work, I realize that not everyone can afford one of these fancy prints. Knowing that I have plans to offer postcard style print pack in the future. Most likely in the first quarter of next year. I am still considering how to choose which images to bundle together and choosing a printer that I can trust for consistency and quality. I can’t wait to expand my offerings here and this is just the beginning as far as plans go, I just wanted to let you in on this for those of you curious. More to come!


Thank you so very much for supporting fiftyfootshadows with your purchase of a fine art print! All proceeds will go toward making the site a better place to visit and will help fund future projects and ideas. If you have any questions at all about prints feel free to let me know.



  1. Steven Murphy - December 11, 2013 at 7:00 pm


    Good to hear the update on your print sales. Will have to take a look at your Desktop images and pick one or two.

    Great work and love to support your work and website.



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