Volume 10

50ft Radio Volume Ten

As soon as I finished that end of the year list of my favorite music I knew I wanted to share a few favorites in a new mix so I took my existing work in progress, moved a few songs around and came up with what I have today.  I had originally planned on the tenth mix being an ambient one only but I managed to create another “two sided” to accommodate other tracks I decided deserve to be heard by you guys. There was so much great music last year I feel its the best I can do to let you guys try out a few favorites. The original ambient mix I was working on ended up turning into Side B while Side A is more beat driven. As always, the mixes are advanced AAC files like a well organized podcast and include chapter markers with notes on the artist playing for easy reference.

I am trying out yet another host for these mixes and using Droplr this time around, we will see how it handles the load, hopefully without incident! I still plan on getting all the older mixes up on my Amazon server when I have a chance but I’m not making any promises to when that will be, heh. You know I do my best.

Please, everyone, do NOT re-host these mixes anywhere else. If you like a song then by all means look up the artist, buy the album, support the music you love! If you really love the music you listen to then buy it as close to the source as you can either directly from the musician on a bandcamp page etc. or through the label the music was released on. Better yet, see if they are on tour and go see them live, say hello! The best way to nurture any creative community is to support it! I love music and I love sharing great artists with you guys to help in what little way I can to spread the love and show my support for these talented musicians by presenting them in a unique way. Enjoy!

Side A (listing). Side B (listing).

Into Fog

Into Fog

While the temperature here in NC has finally dipped into winter I keep having a recurring daydream from day to day that I have been increasingly frustrated by because of the fact that I am unable to fulfill it. I find myself craving a few hours sitting at a humble coffee shop but not just any coffee shop, one that I’m not so sure actually exits.

In my head the cafe is located in a small wood cabin, counter in the back corner, a coat rack by an old wooden door, and couches and arm chairs scattered about. Old rugs on the floor among the seating area and miscellaneous debris from the woods are scattered on the walls. In the center of one wall is a nice stone fireplace containing a sizable fire that keeps the place warm. Any time I imagine this place I picture myself next to the fire, coffee in hand as I get lost staring into the flames.

Is that so much to ask? On days like the one photographed above taken on a short hiking trip with YoungDoo through fog and rain it’s a tempting desire for sure.

Object #01

Object #01

For years now I have made a habit of collecting small objects, sometimes they hold a special sentimental value to me, other times they are simply interesting things I come across and decide to add to my collection. It could be a tourist knickknack brought back from a trip, a small sculpture, toy, or some other random object with an invented personal value. It is not a large collection of things, more or less all of it could fit into one small box and I had not fully realized it was forming until last year when YoungDoo started to point out how many small things like this that I had collected over the years.

For a while now I have wanted to document a handful of these objects so for the next 52 weeks I plan on photographing one object each week and sharing it here with a wallpaper and sometimes a story. Sometimes I will shoot a simple photo such as the one above and other times I may come up with more interesting environments to shoot them in.

My goal with the project is to explore the un-usefulness of these sorts of objects that we hold onto for various reasons and share a few stories along the way that explain their connection to me.

Starting the project we have this rocket which also happens to be an clumsy bottle opener. I bought this at a huge annual flea market in Virginia on a whim because I thought it would look good on a desk. I know nothing of its history or when it was painted this way, just another lost antique that I thought I would give a home.

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