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Monthly Music

There is a lot that has snuck under the radar here on 50ft this year. Mainly because I have not had time to focus on fixing a few issues I have had in the backend. What little social media posting I do is all I have been doing to connect with the world at large and while traffic here is pale in comparison to where it once was I know there are many of you who still come by regularly and I love you for it. So, let’s catch up, starting with music, original music that is.

You may remember a year or two ago I released some original music on cassette tape. Most of the music I make at home or while out and about is made for me, experiments in sound, texture, or rhythm. It’s relaxing. Oddly enough, sharing music makes me feel quite anxious though. It feels personal in a way thats tough to explain, but on the other side of the coin it feels important to push myself to share some of my creative output in light of not having a daily shooter for digital photography around at the moment.

I have decided to see if I can release new music once a month this year, sometimes ambient, sometimes upbeat, but always something monthly. So far so good, I have two releases up to share on bandcamp, I’ve chosen to make them “pay what you want” to be fair in regards to the nature of the project. Money that is raised I will set aside for printing a small zine I have been working on to be released with a full length album that I have been sitting on for at least a year now and feel its time to release to the world at large.

I have been and will continue to release them on bandcamp, the best place to support independent music online. There are descriptions of each release over there. If you’re interested, here is a link, enjoy!

This Day

(Originally tried to post this earlier this year but have had an issue with permissions lingering that I’m starting to wrap my head around so finally here we go. Once I get things working again, I plan on starting to post more. This place feels like a home away from home and I long for it.)

This day we set off to explore. There was a vague idea to find somewhere in the mountains and find a spot Milla would enjoy. A few hours later we ended up at a tourist hot spot where there was a naturally formed rock slide in a mountain stream and a nice swimming hole at the bottom of it. Not particularly our seen, but we were there so we decided to press on, upstream for a ways. Then after hiking beyond what seemed to be a well worn trail we came across a perfect little section of the mountain stream. Just enough for Milla to wander about on her own and explore. We splashed about, made little rock towers, played in the mud, you know, outdoor stuff.

YoungDoo offered up the 5dIII for the day which was a lot of fun and left me with this shot that I knew would make a lovely desktop wallpaper image. There are two versions, one I stepped in a bit closer for because I liked all the little details there in the tower or rocks. More often than not these days I frame subjects cautiously when I know it will be used for wallpaper use. Devices are so varied! How does a photographer frame a photograph for BOTH portrait and landscape viewing?

Yeah, welcome to my world. iPhone wallpaper 101. I still have a soft spot for shooting everything horizontally. The cinematic feel is what I connect with so I do my best to either center a subject or make sure there is some way to crop the image for use on a mobile device. So, at any rate, links are below and I hope to see you again sooner than later. Hope all is well with everyone.

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