50ft Radio Volume Twelve

Some of you may or may not know that I have long been associated with music, both in its creation and amplification as an audio engineer. My technical prowess revolves around concert audio but my heart lives in the music itself. While I have not actively made any music in years now I have slowly rekindled a love for playing out as a DJ.

In the past year I have started to play around town with a couple friends of mine who are fellow vinyl junkies. We get together with a few crates of records and trade back and forth through the night. On our recent weekly gig we started to invite others to bring out their favorite records to play as well which has added a lot of diversity and community to the typically singular act of DJing.

While digital DJs have taken over the landscape (for obvious reasons), there is something about thumbing through a small crate of records that I have fallen for. It’s not about being different, or being hipster about it. This is about an honest love for vinyl and music and the act of sharing with others what I love so much. No tricks, no set BPM, no theme, just unpredictable fun.

With this edition of 50ft Radio I wanted to share a few tracks that I have enjoyed playing out recently as well as a few that I don’t have on vinyl but wanted to share here anyhow. It’s an hour of laid back dance music for the end of the summer, Hope you guys find something to enjoy.

I know my most popular mixes tend to be my ambient, calm ones and I’m happy to say, I have a new one well on its way already and I will get that out in time for the calm days of fall. Should be a good one, its shaping up nicely.

On a technical note, I am back to using an Advanced AAC file with chapters, artwork, and artist names for reference. I will continue to use this format until its no longer supported. May as well!

Respect and support the artists showcased here! If you love a song then head over to your favorite online shop or streaming service and pick up a copy for yourself. To grab volume 12 simply click here. Spoilers here.


50ft Radio Volume Eleven

Back at it again with another edition of the 50ft Radio series, it’s one I have been whittling away at for a few months now and I love how its come out. You will find a few of my favorite artists as well as newly discovered ones I am excited to share. As always I encourage you guys to dig deeper if one of these songs speak to you. Pick up an album, check their tour listing, share on social media, most artists can use all the love you can give them these days.

For me, I choose to make mixes to share the music I love with others. A well considered collection of songs can tell a story, share how you feel, or in this case, spread the love of ones favorites with friends. Music is the soundtrack to my life and it provides the beat to which I walk and the rhythm of my heart. Sharing it is second nature and something I love to do.

While with this series I often try not to go too far out in left field and often try and choose music I feel anyone could enjoy, they still represent something about me and my personality. This time around I set out thinking I would make a mix of all americana/singer songwriter music but as usual it quickly evolved into my usual eclectic approach but overall I kept things pretty calm. Maybe next time I should finally get some hip-hop into a mix? Seems I have never knocked on that door with these.

I love coming back to mixes years down the line and digging through the songs like lost photographs, or old journals, each bring up a unique set of memories and emotion. My favorite part of sharing these though, and the reason I continue to make them is because I love hearing from you guys about discovering new music. It is always encouraging to hear that someone has picked up a few albums based on the music heard here.

At any rate, the format has changed this time from an AAC file to a good old fashioned mp3. Apple seems to have all but brushed the enhanced format under the rug and I see no reason to continue to use it which is a real shame because I will really miss enhanced audio files capable of multiple chapters and artwork, I feel it was never utilized by enough people and podcasters which was such a waste of a cool technology.

Let me know if you have any issues with the download, I’m still trying to keep it simple. The track listing is available HERE and the mix is available HERE. PLEASE, do not re-host this anywhere else and if you would like to share it link back to this post, thanks so much for that.  As long as the MP3 tags stay in tact I have embedded the track listing in the lyrics section of of the file for quick reference.

Volume 10

50ft Radio Volume Ten

As soon as I finished that end of the year list of my favorite music I knew I wanted to share a few favorites in a new mix so I took my existing work in progress, moved a few songs around and came up with what I have today.  I had originally planned on the tenth mix being an ambient one only but I managed to create another “two sided” to accommodate other tracks I decided deserve to be heard by you guys. There was so much great music last year I feel its the best I can do to let you guys try out a few favorites. The original ambient mix I was working on ended up turning into Side B while Side A is more beat driven. As always, the mixes are advanced AAC files like a well organized podcast and include chapter markers with notes on the artist playing for easy reference.

I am trying out yet another host for these mixes and using Droplr this time around, we will see how it handles the load, hopefully without incident! I still plan on getting all the older mixes up on my Amazon server when I have a chance but I’m not making any promises to when that will be, heh. You know I do my best.

Please, everyone, do NOT re-host these mixes anywhere else. If you like a song then by all means look up the artist, buy the album, support the music you love! If you really love the music you listen to then buy it as close to the source as you can either directly from the musician on a bandcamp page etc. or through the label the music was released on. Better yet, see if they are on tour and go see them live, say hello! The best way to nurture any creative community is to support it! I love music and I love sharing great artists with you guys to help in what little way I can to spread the love and show my support for these talented musicians by presenting them in a unique way. Enjoy!

Side A (listing). Side B (listing).


My Year In Music

The trick with making any “best of” anything list is that it is totally subjective, especially in a site run by one person. The music found on this years list isn’t really a best of by any stretch of the imagination. The list found here in this post is a collection of the music that caught my attention this year. They are the albums that I kept coming back to after hearing, the ones I probably also bought a vinyl copy of it was available.

2013 was one of those special years when music and ideas all seem to come together in fresh new ways and it was really exciting to have such a constant flow of inspiration coming in all year long. As you know I have no one genre that I stick to or prefer over another, I typically have more of a natural radar for what I think is good. I listen to what speaks to me personally and that varies quite a bit.

Music is more to me than a modest distraction. Music is a huge part of who I am, the crackle of a weird synthesized sound can bring out just as much emotion as a gently sung poetic ballad. I love sound and I love musicians who don’t take its exploration lightly. The music I tend to gravitate toward is that which I can clearly feel what the musician felt while creating it. It’s a powerful tool for any creative mind. A life without music is a life without warmth and joy as far as I’m concerned.

That said, let’s see what artists spoke to me this year, it was hard to narrow down to be honest. My original list was a good amount longer but I did the best I could to keep it reasonable. There are things that I took off that I probably shouldn’t have and a couple that probably deserve to be on here that I have not had a chance to hear yet such as Nils Frham’s Spaces and countless other great music that never even had a chance to cross my awareness. 2013 was a great year for music and if you have not heard any of these I highly suggest you take a minute to check a few out.




50ft Radio Volume Nine

Almost made it to volume ten at this point eh? This mix was actually one I made a few months ago and had all the intentions in the world to release it in the summer. That in mind I think the music included is mostly better suited for the summer months. The first side I compiled with a mix tape in mind, something to pop in while driving, the second side toned down for evening. Most of the music on this volume is older because I figured that newly released music gets enough love already and there is so much great music from the past that gets a little more obscure with each passing year so why not dig a little deeper from time to time.

Would anyone be interested in a best of the year list here on 50ft? I was thinking about putting one together this year because there was so much amazing music released this year. As for future mixes, I already have one brewing, another ambient one because you guys can’t seem to get enough of my quiet mixes. So despite this one being a couple of seasons too late I hope you find a few songs to enjoy in here.

Please, do not share or re-distribute the file, the reason I make these is to introduce great new music to anyone willing to listen in. If you find a song you enjoy then by all means look them up and show some love! Direct link to Side A zip. (peak inside) Direct link to Side B zip. (peak inside)


50ft Radio Volume Eight

I have always had a great response from the mixes I have made in the past. It’s one of my favorite things to post around here actually. Introducing great new music to others is something I find a lot of joy in. In the past I was one of those kids often making and receiving mix tapes then later, mix CD’s. (Anybody else remember Toast?) My love for finding interesting new music beyond the world of pop grew from a mix tape a friend gave me that still lingers in my mind at times. It was full of great indie rock and punk music and it kick started my addiction to finding great music hiding behind the big label marketing budgets.

Following my mix tape days I worked as a DJ at a college station at a school that I didn’t even attend. I had two shows even, one with a friend playing electronic and another new music show where I discovered so much of what I know and love about music today. If any of you have the opportunity to work at a campus station I suggest you take it, its a great experience. This also eventually lead to me taking live sound more seriously after volunteering my time (and my fathers resources in audio systems) to local shows in record shops and tiny back room venues around town. Wherever there was an indie rock show, I was there with a PA.

I have worked with so many amazing bands through the years because of those affiliations, Mount Eerie (aka. The Microphones), Viva Voce, Phosphorescent, Mark Kozelek, The Octopus Project, Lymbic System, THE MONKEYS (heh, well, Davy Jones at least), The Mountain Goats, Mount Moriah, Cat Power (In her awkward shy live days), Vetiver, Of Montreal, Jason Anderson, Damien Jurado, Lost In the Trees, Tobacco, Bob Log III, Akron Family, Warpaint, MachineDrum, Bill Callahan, Odd Nosdam, Mirah, Helado Negro, Des Ark, Monotonix (craziest live show ever), Beach House, Man Man, Six Parts Seven, 31 Knots, Tara Jane O’neil… haha, yeah you get the idea. There are just as many I don’t remember, point is that its been a pretty great run, and to think it all started with mix tapes.

Point being, music changed my life and sharing it is something I truly love to do. There is no genera that I frown upon. Music is music, and good music is universal so while I tend to have a common aesthetic on each mix I like to explore as many styles as I can in the process. This time around I was inspired by the shuffle mode on my iPod. I love the unexpected nature of using shuffle to listen to my music and I wanted to bring a little of that feeling to one of these 50ft mixes. So this version is both diverse and quite long. Right around two hours in fact! I suggest you set the file option in iTunes to remember the playback position. (FYI: One song is not clean for young ears but it’s modest.)

As always it is an AAC file so if you really aren’t feeling a song then you can jump ahead. Please, never re-distribute these. My intention is not to give away music, I will never make these available broken into individual tracks. I offer these purely for the love of sharing and introducing you guys to great artists. If you enjoy the music please, support the artists, buy their albums, see them live, send them love, it’s the only way to keep it alive.

Download the mix here without spoilers, or trying something new, here on S3 and play it like a radio station or peak into the playlist here.


50ft Radio Volume Seven Side B

I will get back to the desktops soon, I promise! For now though I have Side B of the newest mix. This side is for those of you who like the quieter side of music, something more for a calm day or to put on while reading perhaps. I really enjoy this one and tried to make it more varied than volume six’s all ambient all the time approach. I hope you guys discover something new on here you have not heard before and check out the artists you enjoy. I will simply repeat the details from side a as far as production notes go for those of you who may have missed them.

The mix is available here, the zip file contains this PDF with the track listing for your curiosity but the file is also an AAC encoded file with artwork and links to artists to learn more. Enjoy!

The mix was created using GarageBand and was exported using the enhanced AAC format which allows you to skip through tracks so if one of the songs is really not agreeing with you you can always jump ahead to the next. Please, have respect for the music on here, I make them with honest intentions of sharing great music with you guys to discover so never re-host the mix anywhere else. I will not make it available in individual tracks so please don’t ask. Also, above all else, if you enjoy a song and find yourself coming back to it often then by all means check out the albums or musicians that created them and purchase some of their music! Help them help you! Thanks again and enjoy!


50ft Radio Volume Seven Side A

50ft Radio is back with the A side of volume seven. I set out to start making these shorter and release them more often but as always, things change. One mix grew into another “two sided” one split into two distinct moods. Side A is an exploration of more electronic and progressive sounds. A couple of last minute additions to the mix left it with a sharp left turn nearly right off the bat and I am curious to see what you guys think of it. I opted for nothing too heavy this go around and wanted to bridge straight electronic tracks with a few containing a little more in the way of organic elements.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it and keep an eye out this week for the B side which is more wonderful quiet and ambient music for those of you not as into the electronic side of things. I would have released them both at the same time but this is all I had time to compile over the weekend and wanted to go ahead and share this with everyone at least.

The mix can be found here, the zip file contains a PDF track listing which can also be seen here but I think its more fun to listen to it before digging in to see what tracks you may or may not already know. Reading the track list is like reading a detailed plot summary before watching a movie.

The mix was created using GarageBand and was exported using the enhanced AAC format which allows you to skip through tracks so if one of the songs is really not agreeing with you you can always jump ahead to the next. Please, have respect for the music on here, I make them with honest intentions of sharing great music with you guys to discover so never re-host the mix anywhere else. I will not make it available in individual tracks so please don’t ask. Also, above all else, if you enjoy a song and find yourself coming back to it often then by all means check out the albums or musicians that created them and purchase some of their music! Help them help you! Thanks again and enjoy!


50ft Radio Volume Six

Welcome back to the latest edition of 50ft Radio. This time around I originally set out to make a mix for the winter with a touch of a holiday feel but it evolved like these always do and ended up being a mix of ambient music. Most of what you will hear here is piano driven but ventures into left field exploring ambient music. There are both newer discoveries and old favorites that seemed to fit in well. I still feel like its a great mix for the winter, all instrumental, great for a study session or a quiet evening with a good book. I hope everyone enjoys it!

I get a fair amount of questions about how these mixes are made with the enhances cover art and chapters. I simply use GarageBand and use the podcast format to add chapters, artwork, and links. It’s super easy to put one together and a lot of fun.

I have the next one already underway and it will contain a lot of music that I could never manage to fit into other mixes but its taking shape nicely and will probably start releasing these as a monthly series. As with the other mixes here I ask that you not re-distribute these in any way shape or form. Enjoy it responsibly. If you find music you love then, please support the artist by buying a record, shirt, or going to a show. They cant keep doing what they do without it. These mixes were created for the love of music and helping artists gain exposure to new ears not just senseless sharing. Its important to me and I thank you for your understanding. Enjoy!

You can find a zip file with the mix and track listing here. (track listing only)

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